A video on the murder of the Israeli family and the celebration of it by the Muslims

We have posted on this event already, both the murders, and the celebration and handing out of sweets in Gaza to ‘celebrate’ the stabbing to death of unsuspecting Jewish children. But this video puts it together nicely. It really is hard to fathom a culture that would collectively celebrate the vicious stabbing murder of babies and children for no reason other than being Jewish and arguably perhaps, that they had a house somewhere Muslims do not like Jews to live.

Here is a good article on this from the New York Post:

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  1. If I were PM Netanyahu I would give orders to my generals that Mahmoud Abbas is to be killed, at once.

    The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the “military wing” of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, at first released a pamphlet taking responsibility for the attack and then quickly retracted the statement.

    Top sources in the Brigades leadership in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, confirmed to http://www.wnd.com that members of the Fatah group planned and helped to carry out the attack

    Israel National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau on Saturday said that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was responsible for Friday’s terror attack in Itamar because he allowed incitement to violence against Israel in the PA’s educational system.

    “Behind the murderer of the family in Itamar stands Abu Mazen [Abbas], the “peace partner,” who founded the official educational system in the Palestinian Authority, which teaches hatred of Jews and presents child killers as role models,” Landau said in a statement.

    But I am not Netanyahu. I once met him in Israel in 1990 and I met Senator Bill Clinton in Vermont in 1992. I was much younger then and far more foolish than I am now.

  2. The appropriate answer is: Build baby, build! That shows the murdering scum: You kill for fun, we build for fun. (yes I know, many Arab construction workers happily work for settlers, a good thing) You don’t stop, we don’t stop. See what happens? The cabinet did the right thing imo, every single attack should be answered this way, additional to military defense. There should even be a permanent reminder on every structure, a plate for example saying: This structure was allowed on (date) when terror attack (details) occurred.

  3. You have to hand it to the Muslim community (the ummah). Once a hateful ideology, always a hateful ideology.

    And yet, Libtards in the west support “Anti-Israeli Apartheid Week” all over the so-called free world.

    If they can’t see the wood for the trees, then maybe they aren’t seeing anything at all.

    The Israeli government should just march into the Gaza area like they did in the Golan Heights in 1967 and take it all back.

    The Arab Muslims who occupy it don’t deserve it.

    Especially not after they demolished around 20% of their economy several years back after the “grateful” “Palestinians” utterly destroyed huge greenhouse complexes which the Israelis left behind.

    Especially if they celebrate the massacre of innocent families with small children.

    But then again, in Muslim minds, no kufar or infidel child is ever “innocent” at all; they are only fit to be slaves, converted or dead.

    Islam is only fit for barbarians, not civilized people.

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