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5 Replies to “100 Somali families arrested for welfare fraud in Norway”

  1. We’ve been saying all along that politiciens have completely lost touch with reality since the invention of the politically correct multiculturism policies. They still believe that all cultures are equal. I couldn’t of said it better myself: “Well Duh”

  2. Why is the onus always on Western nations to accept Africans,Muslims and South Asians? China,Japan and Korea for example accept nobody from seperate cultures or races,and get away with it! Surely they could welcome a few million Africans to give their nations an ‘exotic racial mix’ like we have to do.Africans and Muslims bring nothing to their new country…except trouble.Thing is,the people of every Western nation were never asked what they wanted. NEVER. These people just arn’t like us,and have no place among us.

  3. Don’t forget to abominate the bureaucrats who consumed your tax money while they approved and oversaw these cases. The civil government is incapable of administering charity or welfare. Charity and welfare are the purview of churches, families and other privately funded groups, otherwise there is no accountability.

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