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9 Replies to “German carnival float”

  1. Now those are some biased floats. So, I gather some people in Germany are starting to notice what’s happening around them. You know, I just had a thought: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time. But, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Do you think it will catch on?

  2. Yet again we see that the locals are fed up with Muslims. All of us would heave a sigh of relief if they left- the best Christmas present the West ever had.

    What is astonishing is that Muslims, despite being fully aware that they are not wanted in the West, are still here. Don’t they have any shame? If I was not wanted in any country, I would be off. The idea of forcing myself on other people’s hospitality is deeply repugnant, and should be a matter of great shame to any honourable person.

    But here they are, from the prominent to the asylum seeker, they won’t leave.

    Do they know they are not wanted? Of course they do. Why else would they be screaming Islamophobia. They know, and every Muslim in the West knows they are not wanted.

    And yet, here they are. If they are thrown out, they fight tooth and nail, right up to the European Human Rights court. If they are still deported, they try to sneak back illegally. No shame – none at all. And then I’m told that Islam is a “honour/shame” culture, and they value their honour above all else.

  3. @DP111

    I think the term “Honor killing” is misleading (what else is new?). It should be “Ego killing”. Some puffed up little Muslim man can’t stand the thought of anybody whispering behind his back that he’s not man enough to control his woman, so he kills her to shut up the whisperers. His ego is too fragile to take a little razzing; that’s all it is, there is no honor involved. That’s how Mohammed’s ego was: super fragile.

  4. To best understand the Muslim mind-set, read ‘Infidel’ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    Demonizing Muslims who have taken up residence in the European welfare states will continue to be an exercise in futility, as they have a totally different view of societal structures, largely due to their brainwashing religion which is set up to control everything in their childhood development, thinking and behavior.

    The rise in the Muslim Brotherhood is the real problem, as I see it. Watch alBaradai’s planned usurpation of the presidency in Egypt, with the aid of the MB of course, and you will see the first step in the takeover of Europe, for radical Islam will become more and more enboldened with the success now being shown by the youth insurrections across northern Africa. The useful idiots risking their lives for so-called “democracy” have literally no clue they are being used as pawns in the totalitarian hell which is in store for them under the global caliphate sought by the MB.

    Unless the west and Europe wake up, and shove their progressive, liberal politicians under the bus, it will be too late. I say good for some Germans to start saying NO to continual immigration, and trying to return some of the parasitic, welfare-sucking muslims back to their countries of origin. Multiculturism is, and has always been a crock.

  5. Chris wrote: I think the term “Honor killing” is misleading (what else is new?). It should be “Ego killing”.

    Ego killing is one way to look at it. But I like to fling “honour” killing in the face of any who may have a traditional notion of honour.

  6. The second video is not criticising Islam. It shows a carnival float lampooning the German Social Democrat politician Thilo Sarrazin, portrayed here as a Crusader with a lance running through a Muslim woman and her children. The float expresses condemnation for his criticism of Islam in Germany, immigration and multiculturalism.

  7. Not wanted but full of demands. Not wanted but full of hate for the ifidel. Not wanted but desperate to stay no matter what. Not wanted yet preaching at the slightest opportunity (never give them an opportunity) Truely a race apart and proud of it. No they do not have shame. Just Islam. They are an embodiment of islam. “Moderate” islam and the extreme wing of it are all the same package. Islam is muslims.

  8. At the same time German attitudes appear to be changing, Merkel votes “yes” that a Jewish presence is illegal, in Judea and that it must be “judenrein”. So will she recommend that the German army be used to move the Jews? It will not be the first time that German soldiers have carried out such an exercise.

    When the Teutons decide that enough is enough and they “illegally” round up the muslims for the trains on a one way trip to either Turkey or to a part of Europe or Germany to stop them and protect their people, what will German then say at the UN, if it still exists?

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