CAIR Caught On Tape Warning Muslims Against Cooperating with FBI at Same Mosque Obama Spokesman Visited March 6

The White House at the ADAMS Islamic Center

In a concerted attempt to stay on message in attacking the Homeland Security Committee hearings on radicalization of Muslims, on March 6 the White House put out the same message being pushed by radical leftist Max Blumenthal, pseudo-conservative Muslim Brotherhood associate Suhail Khan, and others in the red-green alliance.  They sent Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough to speak at the ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) mosque in Sterling, Virginia to politicize and undermine the Committee’s hearings.  Sticking to the script, McDonough argued against linking Islamic Jihad doctrine with Jihadist terrorism: “For example, we know there are many different reasons why individuals – from many different faiths – succumb to terrorist ideologies… we risk feeding the very feelings of disenchantment that may push some members of that community to violent extremism.”  In other words merely thinking and speaking about the threat of  Jihad is itself the cause of the rising tide of Jihadist “violent extremism.”

For the rest of this important article please click through to Adam Savit’s article over at Big Peace which includes the audio from the Mosque

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One Reply to “CAIR Caught On Tape Warning Muslims Against Cooperating with FBI at Same Mosque Obama Spokesman Visited March 6”

  1. Sun Tzu is correct: if you cannot name or identify your enemy, you will lose the battle and ultimately the war.

    The White House sees nothing wrong with Islam, since the COC is most likely practicing himself. Practicing takkiya and kitman, that is.

    The FBI’s figures show that 80% of the terrorist convictions are from the 1% of the population that breeds hatred: Islam.

    So when are the citizens going to put two and two together and do something about this situation?

    The White House certainly isn’t going to do anything.

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