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5 Replies to “German interior minister makes it clear about Islam in Germany”

  1. The Social Democratic Party and the Greens both say that Islam is a part of german reality. The same is true for athlete’s foot. (quoted from a poster)

  2. So, now the left is taking the middle ground. recognizing the problem but not acting at this point.

    I have said this from the beginning. once the left has had enough of Islam it will be the right wing that will be attempting to hold them down. The left scares me they always have.

    Then when whatever happens is finished they will blame it on the right just as they did with the National Socialist.

  3. In the UN, Germany voted yes that the towns in Judea or whatthe world calls the area, since the 1950s, the West Bank, are illegitimate.

    Does a German have the right to tell a Jew where to live andwhere to go and where to move to? Germany says yes. Germany is saying that the West Bank must be “judenrein”.

    If Germany really feels that the palies are so badly abused by the Jews, why not open their door to all of them?

    The other Q: will Germany survive this muslim invasion? I think so and eventually rise up to illegally displace them or change the laws so it can be done legally.

    At that time, will Germany still say that the towns in Judea are illegal?

    Best thing would have been to abstain.

  4. See, and you thought the Krauts after the war were harmless dancing and drinking fools. Its not Israel that is illegal, but Deuschland.

  5. Oxoa you make the interesting point that the left may give up on islam and move on to what? Not quite sure. The left does move around and this dalliance with islam is only a decade old though the love affair with the obese palasitinans has been going on for decades. So that is interesting to speculate about as to what they could move on to. It is all about power with the left. They care for noone and will use anyone to get into power. My feeling is as the muzzies organise themselves into their own sharia promoting parties then the left will abandon them. At the moment they are so incompetent they have not done so. Let us hope they will do so and then the left will let them rot.

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