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13 Replies to “This guy has it right”

  1. Doesn’t the Arab word “kafir” (or “kufar”, depending on how you spell it) come from a root meaning “black African”?

    Yet, since the days when the Black panthers embraced Islam as a “black” religion, African-Americans really don’t want to know what Arab supremacy is all about. Many will continue to see Islam as an ideology of the oppressed.

    Most will ignore the fact that Arabs (Muslims) were the biggest slave traders in history and most of the slaves were black. Most will ignore the current slavery of blacks in the Middle East and other Muslim countries that goes unnoticed in the media.

    Thank goodness the truth is spilling out and that some African-Americans see the light.

  2. It is worth knowing that the word ‘slave’ has its root in the latin ‘sclavus’, and that ‘sclavus’ is also the latin root of the word ‘Slav’ designating a member of the large group of peoples inhabiting central and eastern Europe. Why is it that ‘slave’ and ‘Slav’ have the same root? The reason is that during the so-called Dark Ages the heathen Slavs formed the majority of the European slaves (thought to total approximately one million) captured and delivered by the Vikings (with almost certain complicity from Christian rulers of western Europe) to the Arab slave markets of the Caliphate.

  3. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think we’re looking for the Arab word, “abd”, which, I believe, means both “black” as well as “slave”. Hence, Abdallah (Mo’s last name) means “slave of Allah”. Any black guy who calls himself Abdallah is pretty much sliding off the end of the irony meter.

  4. The guy says the truth. Allah is an arab supremacist and he looks like a white supremacist too. Blacks are not allowed in heaven. Everyone is heaven is white like their white prophet Mo. There you have it folks the truth about Allah plus he is a leg as per koran.:068.042 The Day that the Shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration, but they shall not be able,- NOW the question to ask is if allah has a shin which he bears what colour is it and is it connected to his butt etc or is it just floating about because that is what Allah is. Not quite sure if I should change my name to Allah the black leg or Allah the white leg or ………..Who know what colour the leg of Allah is but we do know this leg called Allah is a black slave trader. This is a good verse to remember because muslims say God can not be a man and yet this Allah is going around bearing his sexy shin. Finally the truth about Allah: A white and arab supremacist sexy leg.

  5. Muslims are responsible for the majority of slavery. Islam is not good for black people.

    I’m black and atheist.

  6. Muslims are responsible for the majority of slavery. Islam is not good for black people. I’m black and atheist.

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