Continued and escalated horror against the Coptic peoples in Egypt.

I have been fortunate indeed to have had people sending me videos and audio interviews with people both who have been at the scene of carnage as well as eye witnesses to abuse of the Coptic peoples of Egypt, as well as having an Egyptian Arabic translator, (Thank you very much again Mohamed-The-Atheist for all your hard work at short notice) in order to try and get the stories out of what is happening to these people. Here are two of the ones I have received in the last few days alone, with 2 more needing to be completed. I hope to have them done tonight if I can at all.

I can say these are all from March 2011 in the newly liberated Egypt.

I do not have as much information about them as I wish I had. However the audio interview is quite distressing. Keep it in mind when Muslims say they have respect for all the prophets and so on. I think actions speak a million times louder than words.

The remains of the saints have been extracted and thrown in the street

A video of the demolition of the church in Atfih, March 2011

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  1. The west stands aside at its own peril.

    What Muslims are doing to the Copts in Egypt is a taste of what is to come for us, should Muslims continue in their bid to dominate the free world.

    Its a shame, really, as these churches may be over 1,000 years old. Far older than the cathedrals of Europe and containing countless Biblical treasures and other items from Christianity’s earliest days. When they are destroyed, those treasures are gone forever.

    This sort of thing happened in Kosovo, an area of Europe that was recently “liberated” for Islamic Albanians.

    So where’s the outrage?

    Sitting on OPEC oil and gas, chewing its fingernails.

  2. When the Islamists take control it won’t be just the Christian treasures of the past that will be destroyed, all of the artifacts of pre Islamic Egypt and other nations will be destroyed. The only ones that will survive will be the ones that are smuggled out to collectors in the west. The people the academics hate are going to be the ones that save some of the past for the future generations.

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