Macleans: JDL hosts counter to ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’

From Macleans Magazine:

Islamic State Apartheid Week coming to campus

By Robyn Urback | March 5th, 2011 | 7:19 pm

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Jewish Defence League to hold event to counter Israeli Apartheid Week

The Jewish Defence League of Canada has announced it will be hosting an event called “Islamic State Apartheid Week” in Toronto next week. Its stated goal is to “counter the campus lies against Jews and highlight the truth of Islam,” as well as “expose and confront the Israel bashers and Jew haters during IAW [Israeli Apartheid Week].”

Sounds like this all should go off without a hitch, no?

So far, it seems the program consists of protesting IAW events. The first gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, to protest a screening of “Jaffa the Oranges Clockwork,” which (to add another twist) is being sponsored by the Ryerson Student Union. Two more protests–one at the University of Toronto and another at York University–have been scheduled so far.

As of yet, just over 100 people have confirmed attendance on Facebook.

A statement from the President of York U. One of the campus where recently, violent antisemitism has been quite overt.

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3 Replies to “Macleans: JDL hosts counter to ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’”

  1. This joker’s speech sounds like a ” cover my ass” speech. If he was serious, he would demand that a debate of the facts be mandatory and that police presence is a must.

    Fact is that the university model is antiquated, out of date, expensive and overrated; especially at the bachelor level.

    The best thing is that the graduates have a good vocabulary and good understanding of things.

    The only areas of study are science, accounting, engineering and nursing. All else is blah blah and a waste of time. Save literature.

    Expensive? Many universities are on the muslim money roll.

    When Hijab Hillary says that Al Jazz is a serious news outlet, you know that she and Billy have enjoyed the pleasures of muslim money.

    Go to al jazeera’s web site and see for yourself. It is news the way peanut butter is food.

    Reading it only fine tunes my hate of the left (and noone hates the left and libs than an ex-lib like myself cuz I know the mentality). I once shook Bill Clinton’s hand in 1992.

    Who agrees with Hijab Hillary? Frank Sesno. Ex CNN correspondent. He is now a university thing. I cant prove it but most likely on the receiving end of muslim money just like the school in London.

  2. This man is a coward and a liar. The Toronto school board last year put forth a resolution which was passed, disallowing any hate fests associated with the erronously dubbed concept apartheid associated in any way with Israel, and stated NOT ON THEIR PROPERTY,
    MY question to all activist students on all campuses, (or are they mostly from islamic countries these days,) is this, Where in the hell is the nation wide, continent wide, including european countries, of a world- week on campus bringing attention to Gender Apartheid with all of its implications, and all the countries and the psychotic religions that promote this concept.

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