At last, the ‘far right’ appear

I have heard both Geert Wilders and the EDL referred to as “far right”. Of course this is absurd. In the 1960s people who said the things Geert Wilders says today were the norm for the socialist left and in the 50s McCarthy would have had him investigated for his support of gay people and called him a commie. The EDL are about the same, both classically liberal.

The Nazis, as any student of history knows, are the far left. Not that the name, ‘National Socialist Workers Party’ would give it away but the early days of the Nazi party with Hitler in it used all the usual Soviet campaign posters, slogans and ideas. So much so, Hitler was given an ear full for failing to show how national socialism was any different from the international socialism of the Soviet Union.

So where is this evil far right threat I keep hearing about? It would have to be ideologically bankrupt, indifferent to the validity of its positions and ideas, consumed with achieving and using power and knowingly enriching itself at the cost of those it claims to protect.

At last, thanks to Tundra Tabloids, I have found it:

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  1. Thanks for this. I have passed it on to my whole family and I am sure knowing them they will pass it to many, many more.

  2. Far Left, Far Right and such, were originally abusive epithets that each faction on the Left flung at each other.

    One would have thought that the complete and total failure of 70 years of socialism and central planning in Warsaw pact countries, would have been conclusive scientific proof that socialism does not work. But they are still at it. Just like Muslims who always claim “this is not real Islam” after each murderous atrocity, the socialist Left claim that 70 years of socialism in all its manifestations, plus 40+ million dead, famine etc, was not real socialism.

    Heavens. If Germans could not make socialism work, how can the rest of humanity.

  3. This reminds me of a video I saw a few years ago of Saul Alinsky addressing a group saying: it’s not about doing good, it’s about getting POWER.
    Power is the desired result of doing “good” and to keep power they need to do more good.
    That’s why we’re broke.

  4. All politics is about power, the Union bosses are simply taking a way to power that doesn’t include their having to be elected. When they started the Unions did a good and necessary job, now they have grown too powerful and need to be destroyed.

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