Iranian intelligence ministry to adopt “more agressive” approach

This would appear to be a warning of some kind. Our man for Iran, Reza Kahlili, says he has very important news on Iranian actions to be broken this Monday morning. This promises to be interesting.
Heydar Moslehi

Iran’s intelligence minister says the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei is instructing his ministry to take a more aggressive approach in dealing with “the enemies and intelligence agencies.”

In a memo that followed the Supreme Leader’s six-hour visit to the ministry of intelligence,  Heydar Moslehi writes: “Since the best defence is considered to be an attack, the ministry is planning aggressive attacks through intelligence services.”

“Young recruits and experienced servants of the Islamic Republic will take charge of this mission, which will be marked by the coalescence of youthful spirit and experience,” the intelligence minister says.

He adds that the Leader has expressed satisfaction with the the intelligence ministry’s efforts so far in confronting the “sedition.”

The Islamic Republic government refers to the protests that have arisen following allegations of fraud in the 2009 re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as sedition.

In his visit to the ministry, the Supreme Leader recommended that the ministry concentrate on “thorough long-term plans of action.”

He also emphasized that even though the minister of intelligence is appointed by the government, the ministry should not be swayed by political partisanship and should remain consistently faithful to the leadership and the Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s ministry of intelligence has been instrumental in clamping down on the election protests of the past year and a half.

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4 Replies to “Iranian intelligence ministry to adopt “more agressive” approach”

  1. This sounds like they are getting ready to start killing anyone they suspect of being a member of a foreign intelligence unit.

  2. Just bluster. Since when have they ever done anything. At the most they put someone in prision and then negotiate a setllement for them with a smilling monkey man coming out as the chief. We must not let their bluster blind us to their third world status. Lately I have been checking facts and figures about this so called great nation. Their GDP per capita is about 12 dollars for the nation. About a third of the US level. Ther annual income of GDP calcualted on a PPP basis (the most accurate way) is almost matched by the US defence budget. In fact the US defence budget is about 75% of the entire GDP of the country of Iran. They nothing but boasters. Never listen to their boasting Richard. When they do something then you can say well now they have done something and assess that.

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