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2 Replies to “Freedom minded libyans chant “Freedom, peace and democracy” in the streets across Libya today”

  1. We always hear that from them. It is their battle cry. It seems the tents are back. With all the mayhem going on tent cities for refugees are placing the muslims back in their natural habitat. All the paraphenalia of modern western civilisastion that we see in video was bought by petro dollars and not understood by the tent crowd. Now the question is if the country of libya goes back to the tent will it be a good thing. I would yes. Look at Iraq. All quiet there now. A tent civilisation is back. How bitter sweet must it be for the Christians (the original inhabitants) to sing By the Rivers of Babylon, having endured the arab tent colonialisation and tent civilisation for so long. Now the tents are back and the country is poor. The Assyrian Christians, the Babylonians of the Bible, can only watch. But one good thing has come of the returning of the Arab to his tent: Poverty. With poverty there are no more attacks on foreign countries. Indeed all is quiet in Iraq. With Libya going back to the tent will this be the fate of the Libyans too. My apologies to the Berbers of course who have had to endure the Arab colonialisation of their country which was once along with the rest of the North African world the southern part of Europe in the Roman and Greek period and beyond that part of Europe’s Christian heritage; all but wiped out now. Poverty is a good thing for the counter jihad. With poverty the jihad fails. This really applies to cases where they have known some wealth and are now beyond and back int the arab tent and bowning down to their black stone. It is something about the humilation of it all that dampens the spirit as we see in the case in Iraq. Going back to the Roots, Going back to the Tent is the future for Libyan Arab and that is good for us in the counter jihad.

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