Anjem C Vs. Frank Gaffney on Hannity

I don’t know why anyone gives Chaudery any time at all, he is such a slime ball. However I do think he is unusually honest for a Muslim. Maybe he figures that people will think he is lying so he is more effective at Taqyyia by telling the truth. In any case, Gaffney uses the opportunity to help people’s personal English to Islam lexicon, something we all need. The secret word of the day is, ‘Innocent’.

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  1. Well, we all know what Andy Chow-chow is all about. He is honest and straight forward, he represents the pure Islam and he therefore speaks for the main stream, no matter how much they lie to us.

    More worrisome is Frank Gaffney, who mentions Zuhdi Jasser, a darling ‘moderate’ who is neither here nor there. He might have just as well mentioned the lesbionic Irshad Manji, who is “firmly rooted in her religion” (her own words) but also speaks for no one but herself.

    There is still a delusion even amongst those who should know by now, that there is some kind of ‘radical’ Islam and another one, one that we can live with.

    There isn’t.

  2. Right you are. Allowing the presence of “moderate” Muslims only provides cover and
    a comfortable community where radical Muslims can hide out and plan their evil deeds.

  3. Sheikh

    You are right. I have never found Irshad Manji but a Taqqiya spouting person, whose main task is to delude the West that some sort of moderate Islam is a possibility in the future. In the meantime, the demographic Jihad is doing its work, till we have no option but accept sharia.

  4. Manji has some very criticisms of Islam. However when pressed, given what she thought of Islam, why she did not leave Islam, her response was that there were many good things in Islam and she hoped for a Reformation. Pure nonsense. Islam cannot be reformed, as it is believed to be the word of Allah.

    Irshad Manji when questioned, why she does not leave Islam, replies in the same apologetic and devious way, that there are many good things in Islam and she hopes for a more peaceful interpretation of the Koran or a Reformation. On both counts, she knows that this is not possible.

    So it can only be Taqqiya.

    So what about Manji’s life style?

    Islam recognises that the strictures of islam are far too difficult to be followed rigorously by the ordinary muslim. Thus it allows muslims to evade most of these strictures, without falling foul of loss of paradise. It is here that the oft quoted dictum by muslim apologists, “There is no compulsion in religion”, is applicable. It is NOT applicable to the kaffir, where force is allowed. Thus muslims can go ahead and enjoy life, and appear thoroughly modernised and Westernised. This gives an impression to the casual Western observer, of the existence of “moderate” and integrated muslims.

    Such license is allowed to muslims and not lose paradise, but what is not allowed, is to oppose in any way, by word or deed, the true jihadi believer in the jihad. If he does so, then he opposes the word of allah, and that is unforgivable. For him then, it is the eternal fires of islamic hell via a slit throat.

  5. As far as I understand, between the recorded timming 17:46 and 18:10, the interviewed muslim is also supporting the fact, that islam “is an ideology”, not a religion.

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