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5 Replies to “Sharia law in Florida”

  1. What is astounding in this video is that the police officers are actually dragging this man out!. Can they not disobey an order that violates this man’s human rights? If not, than we are doomed.

  2. These are the same sort of “thinkers” who would have thought that Pol Pot was a “freedom fighter” and doing good for his people.

    I have lost faith in the state of universities over the past 30 years, as the hippy generation became entrenched in their once-progressive halls. In the name of political correctness and multiculturalism, they are willing to sacrifice their freedoms and rights as academics.

    They have ignored the trails of Elizabeth Sabadisch-Wolf and Geert Wilders. They have ignored the persecution and mass murders of Christians and others within Muslim countries. They have ignored 9/11, the London train bombings, the Mumbai massacre, the Beslan massacre, the attacks on shipping by Muslim pirates off the coast of Africa, the genocide in Darfur, and thousands upon thousands of other reasons to abandon the notion that the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Muslim organization is a peaceful group seeking dialogue with the west. In short, their academic blinkers are firmly in place and the satiric image of the ivory tower becomes reality.

    Once sharia law becomes part of university culture, it would be quite impossible to turn back the tide and regain any sort of objectivity when dealing with Islam and its true nature.

    Let’s hope that the students as a whole nip this one in the bud. But that would probably be asking too much of a minor US university.

  3. RRWest I lost faith in all American Universities a long time ago, the left has taken them over and in most cases is actively working to destroy the US.

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