Once again, my youtube channel is in danger of being closed.

This morning, I got a notice from youtube saying that I had two strikes on my account and one more and they will close it down. This I found interesting as I had no idea of the first two strikes at all. Previous strikes I had appealed and won. Youtube agreed with my arguments and dropped the issues even though they did not make the videos live again.

This morning I had the distinct sense that any minute my channel will be closed by youtube and nearly three years of very hard work and countless hours, more than full time certainly, would go down the drain. I still have that feeling because when I checked my channel after receiving an official notice about my account status, I checked my account and it seemed fine. No strikes. Which means no appeal process. My sense of alarm grew 3 fold when I received a link to the video I have posted below, as the claims against my channel seem bogus to me as well.

So I would ask my readers to please do the following.

Any videos you like, or feel are important on my youtube channel, copy and paste the URL for them and enter them in the field over at http://keep-tube.com/ then wait a few seconds to a minute and scroll down a little bit. A list of options for various qualities should appear.

Select the best one, usually .mp4 and occasionally the odd one may be high def, and click it. This should download it to your own machine. If you have your own youtube channel, please upload. If not, upload it wherever you can, or even shrink it down and email it. Easy if you have a Mac with imovie for example. It does that in a single click. Or just hang on to it and give or show it to others if it is something you feel has importance.

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  1. I’m really starting to prefer any streaming site but “Jihadtube”, they are too busy appeasing the religion of peace. Also, they wanted me to link my google account to my youtube account, or else no more login. I didn’t even have a google account and google/utub make sure, you don’t email them and explain. Only forums, for which you need – guessed right – a google account (the admin can’t help in this case, but he likes to show his sarcasm to the world instead), so I needed to create one just to delete my utub account. Some users spend a lot of time on building nice channels, I understand your worries.

  2. In the Apocalypse is something about The Beast. Everybody who does not have the sing of the beast shall be cast out of society.

    It becomes time that we shall diversify, got to others the YouTube, they become to powerful and if the are the only one, than there is no way you can choose, therefor we must go to others as well. It’s never good if all business is going to the only one in town. Maybe we have to get our own server somewhere.

  3. Looks like you might be a target for these muzzie flagging campaigns.


    This is one of the flagging channels used to setup mass flagging campaigns


    The only way to get around them is have multiple mirror sites as a youtuber called goodfightlads has done after getting his site taken down.
    On his site he openly advertises his mirror sites so you can sub and friend them in case islamotube throws it`s toys out of the pram.


    He has multiple channels mirror sites so even as sites are taken down you`re subscribers are already friends on vladtepes.13 and vladtepes.14

  4. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time right now but uploaded at least a handful of your videos (maybe 10) to my account. I will try to continue mirroring as much as I can in the next days. I cross my fingers for you to keep your account!

  5. Would it help for fans to contact the Youtube company with messages of support?

    I certainly don’t want to lose Vlad’s very valuable resource.

  6. Keep it simple, PC World is still in CONTROL, yOU tUBE are simply a commercial Co. -they are not the slightest bit interested in Intelligent Comment ! (in fact they probably make a point of Dumping it if possible !)

  7. BW I don’t think it could hurt. Please explain to them that it is suspected that some of the copyright claims are not legitimate, or from the actual copyright owner. I refer specifically to the one they made about an interview with Brigitte Bardot that I painstakingly had translated and subtitled from a RADIO interview, then placed images of her I found on the net so there would be a throw-away video portion on it, and the copyright claim is for “audio-Visual content” which simply cant be the case, as there was no visual content from the radio station that I grabbed the interview from.

    I know there is a Fatwa on me, and my youtube channel from some password protected jihadi channel as I received a flurry of emails about it not long ago. This may be the fruit of it.

  8. So much for First Amendment rights online.

    The US is becoming progressively more and more like what Orwell predicted (correctly as it seems) for the UK: a massive police state where speech is controlled by an elite who want to hide the truth and silence critics. Sounds a lot like Islam, doesn’t it?

  9. Good idea about the Torrents. I am making a torrent called vladtepes_videos.zip I hope to be able to figure out how to upload. With a little luck a few people will accept it and seed it. Starting with 80 videos.

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