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5 Replies to “A Muslim childrens game”

  1. Unlike when we were kids who played WWII games and never wanted to be there, these kids actually are brainwashed into wanting this to happen.

    Islam brainwashes everyone who comes into its seductive folds with the most elementary tactics, not the least of which is death to apostates and death to critics. When hundreds of millions of people are being brainwashed in this manner, then you have an enormous problem.

    I will say it again and again, lets ship all Muslims who live in the west back to where they came from and put up a fence around it so they can kill each other off. We’ll just rescue people of other faiths from them first.

  2. Before anyone takes Maria’s link seriously, check the other headlines on that page. My favourite one is, ‘Aliens near earth discovered who speak in mysterious cat like language’.

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