Christian couple refused foster children because they do not embrace homosexuality.

I have a great deal to say about this. But I suppose the only thing that matters is, to what degree are we going to allow the state to determine our various rights and privileges based on our ideologies and beliefs. We have created the Soviet Union in the west, where you can’t get a drivers licence unless you feel all Ukrainian peoples should be starved to death for not having the potential to evolve to communists.

We had all better enjoy this brief moment of internet freedom. The technology to severely limit it and force what is published to ideological conformity, at least overtly, exists. This means its only a matter of time till its deployment. Canada has its ‘Human Rights Commissions’, and England has what we see every day in dozens of articles about restrictions on basic rights and freedoms, often seemingly conflicting ones. But all of them defer what should be the individuals choices unto the state.

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  1. Vlad – England is a despicable place. Accordingto every survey I have read, the British or either at the top or at the bottom.

    Not knowing you personally, I assume that your blood line comes from that island. I say this because so many stories involve England.

    They did it to themsleves. Even after “Browns Bottom” when GOrdon Brown sold a massive chunk of their gold at $250US, many still voted for Labour in 2010.

    The only thing we can do is do our best that Canada does not allow any british subjects to immigrate. Even visitors from that place should be watched with an eagle eye. Muslims, Jews, whomever.

    But given that the dominant culture ( outside of Quebec ) is an anglo one, I predict that as British subjects immigrate to Canada, to flee from islam, that Canada will be infected by enough of them and we will be like the Brits.

    Many well palced Anglo ” greenies” Canadians think and vote like them already!

    So if anglo descent Canadians look to their ancestral homeland for guidance, then one day things will be bad here in Canada. Any thoughts?

    BTW I used to be a big anglo phile. I am a moderate one today.

  2. What the hell has that got to do with the ‘Brits’. The subject of this video is turning down good people from being foster parents because they think that morally, homosexuality is a sin. Good for them and a loss for the children who won’t have good caring and loving people to look after them for a while. And shame on the judge who made that ruling. Believing that homosexuality is a sin doesn’t mean you hate the homosexuals by the way. That’s the homosexuals that say that to pursue their goal of forcing society to accept their way of life.

  3. The left has been attacking Christianity in all nations since Christianity helped stop their conquest of a couple of nations back in the 1940s. Since Britain is further down the Socialist/Marxist path then the US they are doing more to suppress Christianity. The problem is that as they drive people away from Christianity they leave the door open for Islam, when you are in a religious war if you are fighting without a faith you are doomed to lose the war.

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