French Mayor sells land for mosque for 1 Euro

From Republican Union:

Translation: (Thanks Bear) Alain Juppe, Mayor of Bordeaux, has granted the Association of Muslims of Gironde (AMG) a piece of land measuring 8500 Metres Sq. to build a mosque at the symbolic price of €1.00.

If the Association of Muslims of Gironde would have wanted to buy it at market value, it would have had to spend €677,000.00

A very nice present from Alain Juppe to the Association of Muslims of Gironde

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5 Replies to “French Mayor sells land for mosque for 1 Euro”

  1. Nice. If the Muslim community grows large enough, they can repay the favor by shutting down all the vineyards in Bourdeaux.

  2. Vlad – if you need a translation of french, any time, send me an email.

    Pastorius is correct. I hope that the musulmans piss on those vineyards. Sadly, this is what must take place, apart from the raping and the killing, until the europeans take back their continent.

    But I wonder of we will ever see 3- 4,000,000 Canadians in front of Parliament in Ottawa demanding that our leaders resign and the mllions refuse to leave until our leaders depart.

  3. I wonder how many guns were placed against his head or those of his family? Of course, we can’t say that, because that would be too easy. I smell a whole bunch of rats in this event, and most of them face east five times a day.

    I have the feeling that bribery, blackmail, threats of violence or death, or all three, were used to “convince” the mayor that this was the right thing to do.

    Watch. This will happen all over the west as more Muslims immigrate.

    OPEC or no OPEC, its time to take back the free world for those who truly believe in what the west stands for.

    Support the EDL, Geert Wilders, Elizabeth Sabadisch-Wolf, and all those who understand and oppose the ideology called Islam.

    The enemy has drawn his line in the sand. Why haven’t we?

  4. So much easier for the lazy demanding slugs when the jizya is offered with “willing submission” by someone who is already “subdued”.

  5. The war in Europe is growing nearer and nearer. The ordinary Europeans can’t hold out much longer before they erupt.

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