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5 Replies to “The people and motives behind the ‘freedom for Libya’ march in Toronto”

  1. It is indeed a tragedy that muslims are in the Americas because Columbus and his supporters realized that a new route to the Orient must be found. At that time, an easier route was “kidnapped” by muslim gangs and was too dangerous. Columbus would be dead against allowing muslims to be here.

    I do not know why they parade with signs. The typical person in Canada thinks that they are all savages in the ME. Hard to be interested for so many ugly people with their stupid signs and bad skin.

  2. Yet once again these “representatives of islam” show me that muslim and barbarian are interchangable words. Again, and again they prove to be worthy of my disdain, and hate.
    It is now gotten to the point where the only way someone of middle eastern decent can prove to me that they are not a terrorist or sympathize with terrorists is if they as individuals desecrate the koran in front of me.
    2011 and as far as I am concerned every muslim has something to do with terrorism and I have no need in my life whatsoever for islam, muslim, or middle east. I know we need the oil but I think it would be better for us to just take all the oil in the middle east by force, by the end of the gun.
    So while I hate qadaffi for being a panam bombing scumbag, right now I applaud him for libyan street cleaning of his own people.

  3. Whenever you hear or see a sign calling for ‘peace’, and ‘freedom’, along with ‘democracy’, you are witnessing 1984 doublespeak. Democracy by force from a small cabal of ruling elite. Peace, and freedom only for those within Dar al-Islam, or ‘house/abode of Islam’. Those words mean nothing but useful for taqiyya as lies to hide their agenda for tyranny for those of dar al-harb (territory of war or chaos).

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