‘Nazis’ attack refugee center where the 20 men who raped the 11 year old Swedish girl live


Snaphanen has done some legwork and the best info he can find so far is, it was sexual assault by Canadian standards and perhaps unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor but not penetrative rape as we think of it.

“one mother: Jag vill även dementera att det rör sig om en gruppvåldtäkt. Det som skedde är exakt det som PI har skrivit,flickorna utsattes för händer på kön och bröst och flyktingbarnen tryckte sig mot dessa på ett mycket obehagligt sätt.  — tranlated: I want to point  out, that it was not mass rape,  the girls had been touched on their private parts  – breasts too i an very unplesant way”

This story from GOV was posted last night here.

There is more also here on Winds of Jihad

Well, as the MSM has refused to report on this, and the usual Muslim appeasing crowd went into full dhimmitude spin and as a consequence, a small group of ‘Nazis’ went with eggs and snowballs to the building where the ‘refugees’ are housed who are alleged to have raped the Swedish 11 year old.

For those who have never done so, now might be a good time to read ‘The Agendas and views of this site’ which I wrote a couple of years ago and where I suggest this would be the likely consequence of ignoring the cancer we have growing in our societies. Those people who call the EDL ‘Far Right’ will wish to almighty Thor that people had joined and supported them in huge numbers.

The sign the ‘Nazis are carrying invite the rapist/immigrants to meet these boys at the swimming pool.

I am waiting for the translation of this so I can subtitle it, but here is the video in the meantime as you will get the general idea.

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  1. NAZIS with eggs and snowballs??? Please,Vlad, you’re NOT leftist who calls nazism to any-every indignation against muslims violent action.

  2. Even if these men really are nazi’s then justice is on there side and not on the side of the police. This is similar to the left using black, gay and womans rights to advance there cause; if you allow nazi’s to punish pedophiles and rapists, then they act more moral than the local police.

    My advice to the local authorities is to arrest every rapist and molester in that camp and put them in in jail for a long time or risk giving the local nazi’s a just cause.

  3. I know the daughter of someone who used to be quite lefty and, because of her naive hopes and dreams of “helping build a better world”, decided to work at an asylum center in the Swiss canton of Chur… After some time working there, she quit and become a staunch SVP supporter. And do you know why, among many other irritants and tough situations she had to deal with?

    The asylum center had rules, and one of them was that everyone had to be in by a certain time. And once, when she reminded an ayrab of that, she got punched in the face and heard from the dirtbag that “no female can ever tell me what to do.”

    This question is a no-brainer, but is it just that penis-possessing ayrab/mahoundiand which (not who) believes that women are inferior to men and ought to be told what to do, and never the other way around under any circumstances? We know that such dirtbags are always raised, in accordance to what mahoundianism teaches them, to regard women as just chattel to be used as household slaves, sex slaves and jihadist-breeders, nothing else. But the Swedish political establishment and authorities would rather pretend that it ain’t so.

    Sweden’s only hope, aside from greater gains by the Sweden Democrats at the polls, is vigilante justice by those whose protection and welfare the police, ever too busy protecting black-cube-worshipping monsters, absolutely care nothing about. Having to choose between getting slaughtered like lambs and fighting back, I’ll bet most Swedes will choose the latter.

  4. Maria I agree, my first impulse was, ‘They don’t make Nazis like they used to’ when I read about the eggs and snowballs. However I can’t change what the media in Sweden are calling them. There are links here in the comment thread that show these groups for who they are. I would have much preferred it if a group of local brothers, sisters and parents had done exactly the same thing as this group of alleged Nazis did.

  5. ACHIM excellent well said. Just because a Nazi walks his dog in the park doesn’t mean walking the dog is a horrible thing to do.

  6. Since the governments of the world are doing nothing to protect their citizens we can expect more actions like this, this is what the Frenchman in another comment line meant when he talked about civil war in Europe. It won’t stop with actions like this, it will escalate into a full fledged war.

  7. Hi there.

    I see that you report Nordic Youth (Nordisk Ungdom) as an nazigroup.
    Thats a problem because Nordic Youth is not nazis. Nordic Youth is a nationalist democratic youthorganization. They are more left then right.

    Under Swedish law it is classed the incident as rape. This is because this was a child, which was forced through by a wrestling grip. This, while other offenders forced himself on the 11-year-old girl by taking her crotch, her anus and her breasts. This while the perpetrators also pressed their penises Against her.

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