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4 Replies to “Canal + reporter gets hospitalized for visiting a French Madrasa and asking what goes on there”

  1. French should stop treating muslims with disrespect. Muslims have no rights in France. They are treated like garbage. No equality, no right to work, to express their religion. France should give basic human rights to muslims.

    It’s a shame that France is so rasist and genocidal.

  2. This video was taken some years ago. The situation has not improved.

    Gee, France is so racist and genocidal ….
    Why do all these muslims invade France …. Why don’t they go back to their hell where they can have all they claim to miss in France ?

  3. So, the fact that pretty much all that is taught in madrases in France and for that matter, everywhere, is racism and genocide, that’s OK with you then? Islam as an ideology needs to be wiped out. It is a cancer like Nazism and like communism in so many ways.

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