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5 Replies to “Australia: “Under new Management””

  1. How the people of phonecia have sunk under the arab yoke. They were the first people to trade with the UK for tin. They called these islands the tin islands. Their alpabet helped to form the Greek alphabet which formed the latin and the cyrillic alphebets. So how have these people sunk so low. Islam. Now with the new islamic brain power they have sunk to third world status back home in their home country and want to show the same failure for Australia. Islamic brainpower a force of failure to be reckoned with.

  2. The Jew has his work cut out when it comes to Isamic brainpower. I believe we need to look to Isreal to understand their success in dousing the still smouldering fire of islamic brainpower. By and large peaceful Isreal deserves praise for what it does right instead of its blind spots when it deals with islamic brainpower.

  3. Come on muslims come on line and declare yourselves the word’s cleverest people. Let us have some fun. While you are at it declare yourselves the word’s most technolically advanced and industrialised people. After all you are Allah’s favourites. When you stop boasting about what you did centuries ago we will see your present state of genius in action. Come on Persians, and Arabs as the world’s numbers one and two in baosting you should be able you boast your way through your present state of brillliance in boasting to even greater dazzling heights of genius boasting the likes of which the world has not yet seen.

  4. To find Islamic genius in action visit the Koran belt of countries. Or just watch the news as the news media are usually there to catch the latest riot or suicide bombing.

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