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6 Replies to “A typical school in Germany”

  1. Nasty kids, but the real problem is, how officials deal with these problems. (violence, not being fit for education, the concept of “honour”, etc) That means, doing nothing big in the first time, because it doesn’t fit in the cultural relativist world view which still prevails, despite all. We don’t want to shatter it, do we? It’s unabashedly taught to future teachers in universities and still we even have trouble accepting the fact, that violence will always be an integral part of society, not go away miraculously. Not every single teacher acts accordingly – thank God, but quite many of those old hippies do. There is a conservative rollback already coming, yet I do have my doubts about its success.

  2. That’s german racism at work. Muslims are there to sweep the streets, take the garbage out, etc. No equality, no rights, just disrespect and insults.
    Muslim youth senses that injustice and rebels.

  3. Santa

    Is it German racism or that many immigrants come from a dysfunctional culture, and they replicate that behaviour in Germany or Europe. Sarrazin writes that there is no problem with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indians who are in Germany. They educate their children, who then go on to good jobs and respect in Germany.

    One way to predict what immigrants of a country will behave like, is to see what the state of progress is in their countries. If it is regressing for a long while and continues to regress, then that is the normal state of the people of that country. On that basis, freedoms in the Arab ME will lead to even greater regress in those countries.

    Somalia is an extreme example. Somalia is what it is because of Somalis. Somalia is a mix of African and Islamic culture -a fatal combination. Somalis should be confined to Somalia, and the country blockaded.

  4. Welcome to the new Dark Age, one that will be much more brutal then the last one, one that is partially brought on by the useful idiots blaming everything on the white victims of the racism.

  5. Santa
    By acting up in school and refusing to learn they guarantee that they will either be on welfare or picking up the garbage of people who did pay attention in school. Germany respects human and civil rights and Germans respect those who work. But if they believe their Imams who tell them that Muslims are superior to everyone else, and everything outside of Islam is rubbish, they will fail.

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