Children of terror

KitmanTV has been having a little trouble finding this powerful and important documentary a home. Hopefully it will stick where it lives now, bit if you have  not seen it, take the time to watch this before it gets pulled again. I am having trouble embedding the video here, so click through to the link uptop to go to it and I posted an excerpt/trailer Frank Kitman did below.


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  1. Produced in 2004, Children of Terror depicts the danger posed by the enslavement of thousands of innocent children, as young as 5, stolen from their families, having witnessed their parents murdered or enslaved, their homes burned to the ground, & their communities destroyed. These children suffer(ed) further mental and physical debasement whilst indoctrinated with the most vile inhumane hatred towards non-believers. Many have since reached adulthood, gained access within Britain, the US and Saudi Arabia, fully trained and funded to use conventional, biological and chemical weaponry – funded by sympathetic devotees residing in the very same countries.
    Contemplate that while reading tomorrows headlines about the violent uprisings expanding throughout Muslim dominated Africa, ME and Indonesia.
    -thanks for posting .

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