Cameron manages to avoid addressing a crucial question:

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The first intelligent question Labour’s Dennis Skinner has ever given. Why does David Cameron want Turkey into the EUSSR SO badly? Notice that Cameron cannot give a straight answer on this. But rest assured, if it happened it would be an immigration nightmare like what has happened right now with the letting of the entire Eastern Bloc into the UK (if they want – and many have).

Of course, the other Communist who wants Turkey into the EUSSR is US President Obama, what is his interest in creating a EUSSR shithole? Why doesn’t he worry about his own crumbling country / economy.

Recorded from BBC Parliament, 20 December 2010.

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  1. What Mohbama is doing does look overwhelmingly like the furthering of the creation of the caliphate doesn’t it. Taqqiya and such. What was it again. When you’ve eliminated all other possibilities, the one that’s left, however unlikely, has got to be the truth.

  2. If Turkey wants to be seen as a democratic country, the first thing to do is to leave Cyrpus and re-examine their friendship with Syria. Turkey dissolved its friendship with Israel, the only democracy on the edge of the muslim jungle.

    Cameron and those goons behind him should not be allowed into Canada when the UK falls into muslim hands. We have enough lib brits.

  3. Never believe what a politician says openly.

    Sarkozy says NO again to Turkey in the EU, and in Turkey as well. So does Merkel.

    So the “Central” (central in the EU), powers do not want Turkey, specially Germany. The “Western” powers, the US and the UK, do want Turkey for whatever reasons of geo-politics in the East. I should point out that The Great game is now in full swing again.

  4. As a member of the post-modern political class David Cameron is without any understanding of history and culture.

    To him turks are nothing but consumers, soon to be members of the EU markets.

    His reply to the elder labour mp is as stupid as it is rude, and shows clearly that Cameron remains in adulthood a small spoiled libertarian schoolboy.

  5. The EDL are making an exceptionally naive mistake in giving Cameron the benefit of the doubt with respect to their aim of ending Islamisation. Cameron couldn’t give a damn about patriotism: he is part of the globalist oligarchy that cares only for the wealth of its plutocratic members. From his perspective, importing millions of cheap Turkish Muslim workers could only enhance the fortunes of this ‘elite’, and to hell with the consequences for ordinary Britons.

  6. I know just what you mean, Fred. There’s no proof, so you can never say for sure, but Obama and other behave as if they are working for Islamic Jihad, plain and simple. I can see no other explanation. Did you see them laughing derisively at that senior Conservative after he asked such his astute question? And as for the answer he gave – nothing but empty platitudes. Both he and Obama and pretty much every other politician in the world act as if they get an envelope from Saudi Arabia every morning stuffed with money and the day’s instructions.

  7. How long has it been that the British people have been screaming at their leaders not to fill the country up with hostile immigrants, and how long have they been ignoring them? Maybe it’s time for a little Egypt in London. Really. The British governments just does not obey the will of the people, it’s that simple. I mean, what a good question. Why is it so desirable in your eyes to you to fill Britain up with millions of Turks? Why? And they answer the question with derisive laughter.

  8. He certainly does not give a straight answer. However, my gripe is with the comment in the article that says letting East Europeans into the UK was a bad thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Poles and Lithuanians are the hardest working people I know. The are simply fantastic. They have added to the Christian population of the UK and have increased it overnight by over 5 lakh. They work hard at often thankless tasks and manage to make a life for themselves in a tough working environment here in the UK. They are one of the reasons that the UK is not totally run over by muslims as they have added more spice I mean pickled cabbage to the immigrant mix which was increasingly dominated by the Allah’s desert tent people. I hope people do not lump such a hard working and moral people in with other immigrants like the ones who plant bombs in railway trains and airoplanes. And yes I do know about the Balkans and their troubles. However, all the Serbs and Croatians I have met have the same hard working decent way of life as their brethern from other parts of Eastern Europe.

  9. I see it this way. How corrupt is the Turkish government? Should Turkey by admitted into the EU they could issue Turkish passports without any way for another EU country to affirm or check on their validity. Just imagine hundreds of thousand of folks from all over the ME , Iran, and beyond with perhaps bogus “Turkish” passports migrating throughout the EU at will. The Islamist/Jihadist will no longer need a fifth column the door to the European Caliphate will be held wide open for them by the feckless political class who have sold out their countries and prostituted themselves out for their own profit and enrichment.

  10. In hoc signo vinces

    “Why does David Cameron want Turkey into the EUSSR SO badly?”

    Cameron manages to avoid addressing a crucial question: on the contrary Cameron answers the question with brutal conservative neoliberal political honesty, in his free market-noborders politics the englishness of Englishmen has no currency or value, hence the statement as Prime Minister (no less) in the British Parliament that he would “willingly swap” Englishmen for 80 million Turks.

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