20 ‘refugees’ rape 11 year old in Sweden

From Gates of Vienna:
Cultural Enrichment News

In the last few years, Sweden has become known as the “Rape Capital of Europe”, and with good reason. Not only are women there more likely than anywhere else in Europe to experience the unwanted attention of culturally enriched men, but the Swedish media do their best never to mention this trend or report on sexual assaults by immigrants.

One of our Swedish contacts sent this video about an incident at a public swimming pool when eleven- and twelve-year-old girls were attacked and raped by Muslim immigrants. He included this note:

There are a lot of stories about what Sweden calls “alone refugee children” who immigrate in large numbers to Sweden. They are, however, most often not children but around seventeen or older. They lie about their age and throw their IDs away. They are not “alone”, either since many later bring their families with them. And they aren’t refugees either, for that matter.

In any case, there have been many reports of violence by these immigrants (mostly from Somalia and Afghanistan), and the latest incident may be seen below. This hasn’t been reported by mainstream media yet but… I think the story is true, especially after considering that there have been other rapes at that bath house before.

Note: “bath” in this video refers to what Americans would call a public swimming pool:

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  1. But don’t worry anyone, they are busy putting homeschoolers in their place and fining people who keep baseball bats in their cars. Politicians don’t care because they aren’t the ones being attacked.

    • These people from Somalia and from Afghanistan are not “Muslims.” They pretend to be Muslims to be able to live amongst Muslims and to take the opportunity to leave Somalia and Afghanistan to go to EU countries for a better life. In “so-called” Muslim countries there are Roman Catholic Italian Somalis but they do no practice openly and there are Somalis who are not Muslims – they hide and will not divulge they are not Muslims. These are the prostitutes in Somalia.
      When these people come to EU and rape, etc., and have an “orgy” with Western values, as they’ve never seen semi-naked women – it is not the fault of the MUSLIMS. Because to begin with these people were never Muslims.
      Just like all the trash Russians women who are pretending to be Jewish and marrying and migrating to Israel and going into the prostitution trade and Russian boys going to Israel as Jews; and then becoming gays for the Israelis there as a true-Israel Jew would never come out as a gay person. It would shame their family to death.
      This is an ugly world. So sad.

  2. Thanks to our like enlightened government this will soon be coming to a Canadian neighborhood near you. What ever happened to the idea that immigration is supposed to be good for both sides and only productive honest people need apply?

  3. When it comes to matters like this & the police (polis) refuse to take action is becomes an issue for us the public to take matters in our own hands to seek justice and protect other children.
    Let me restate my point to make things VERY CLEAR. When a islamist in the west commits a violent crime here in the west and the authorities refuse to take action it is then the responsibility of us the individual citizen to take matters in our own hands.

    I believe it is way past the time for us to act civilly when dealing with barbarians and their barbarian culture. First we as citizens should use every chance we get to let these islamists in our midst’s know that THEY ARE NOT WELCOME here in the west. And since they refuse to assimilate we should openly treat them as second or third class citizens.

    If that means we take the law into our own hands and use force to enforce this message to the islamists then so be it.
    For any bleeding heart leftist morons reading this know that there is nothing that you can say to me PERIOD. You show your allegiance to the enemy by your silence regarding islamist crime and your vocal & material support of islamist terrorism. So since the discussion is over between the leftist and I, all you have left is to call names like “racist” etc. which lost its sting long ago anyways.

    Swedes take it upon yourselves to avenge the rapes of these children and do whatever you can to attack the somalis living among you. When you spill some of their blood for their crimes you will have earned my utmost respect.

    • Well said. They are nothing but a bunch of criminal savages and if it was up to me they would be on a boat or in prison because thats where they belong. Bring back the rope!! Similiar crimes in the usa and still in places like slovenia deal with this in a lynching process. I have a friend from slovenia and crimes like these that are not dealt with harshly by the corrupt and immoral judges get doubt with by the public. They get kidnapped taken to a forest and liquidated. As for the rest they are a nuisance and a drain on resources and white pockets. If they are not producing as much as they consume or perhaps a bit more they should be placed on a boat with a one way ticket. As for the lefties and liberals who turn a blind eye to this and especially goverment officials. They are twice the child of hell and need to be eliminated.

    • Believe what you like. Your opinion makes it neither true nor false !!! These reliable reports coming out of Sweden & England of the evil rapes being perpetrated by moslem youth/men upon young girls !!!!! Do this to my grdaughter and I’ll move heaven & earth to find the bastards & have them tried & sentenced for life !!! Nothing but evil living & breathing filthy scum !!!! Don’t bring your filthy evil practices to our beautiful shores and expect us to be as stupid as Laura Mihaelia ^^

  4. It s not a fake at all. I d like if it was so! I Since migrants filled Sweden, the numbers of rape is rise up vertiginously as much that has been open the first Center of rape victims care for man in the history.
    Maybe som1 spread some fake video. But muslims accept the rapes of the white ones bcoz mastubation is a worse sin.
    I read the curan becoz I really wanted this as Book of Peace, insted is only violent, even it orders clearly to kill us all untill the fall of Rome. When The Christianity Capital will be taken will means the seal of they succeceful.

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