Via Frank Kitman:

February 24, 2011 (SYL) – Serbian-American professor Dr Srdja Trifkovic was denied access into Canada after being accused of holding a senior position in the Government of Republika Srpska during the Bosnian war by the Vancouver airport immigration authorities. Srdja, who was a foreign affairs expert with links in the Bosnian Serb Government, never held any position in that Government, let alone a senior one.

The fabricated reason for deportation was likely the result of lobbying by the extremist organization “The Institute for Research of Genocide in Canada”, which is notorious for inventing stories, such as the disproven lie that Canadian General MacKenzie raped a Bosnian woman at a time when he wasn’t even in Bosnia, as well as denying the Holocaust in Yugoslavia during World War II. Also, there are strong indications that higher factors in the Canadian government are involved in this scandalous and dark chapter in Canadian history, the investigation is under way.


  1. Dr. Trifkovic has been denied entry into Canada because of his position on the Srebrenica genocide and the crimes committed by the Serbian security forces in Kosovo. As any responsible and self-respecting country would do, Canada refused to let a genocide denier preach his “truth” to the public. Like it did some time ago with Svetlana Ceca Raznjatovic and Marko Perkovic Thompson, Canada rightly prevented Dr. Trifkovic from entering. Dr. Trifkovic’s extremist views have been widely known for some time and also committed to paper in his publications. Denying the genocide in Srebrenica can not under any conditions be presented as the right to exercise free speech. He should not be given a platform to poison young minds with nationalist rhetoric no matter how eloquently he does it.

  2. srdja, pretty much every single turk that enters canada denies the armenian genocide, but still they are not held up for hours only to get shipped back… why might that be? after all the armenian genocide concerns the death of over a MILLION, whereas Srebrenica was just some thousands, and in no way a “genocide”… massacre maybe, but not a genocide.

  3. Big Frank truth is the one thing they all fear. I am not a chrisitian but did not Christ himself say the Truth will set you free. These people prefer the chains of the Arab imperialists.

  4. Srdja the Serb-hater. Disgusting to hear of you again.
    I’ve been watching you, and your literary diarrheas in Edmonton Journal for a while. Your obsessive-compulsive hatred towards anything Serbian is equal of that Hitler had towards Jews. Luckily, you are not Hitler – you are just a little pathetic stray dog whose barking nobody hears anymore.
    You are not worthy of cleaning Trifkovic’s shoes, let alone make a comment about him. He is ten times the intellectual you are…actually, you’re no intellectual at all – you’re just green with envy because all your Serb bashing really brought you no gain of any kind, except the ridicule from your peers.
    You are the laughing stock of entire Edmonton…and yes, you’ve got Serbian blood in you, ha-ha (that’s probably why you’re angry all the time :):))

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