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7 Replies to “Sweden questions its immigration policies”

  1. Gee, its a case of ‘too little, too late’.

    As Sweden slowly and quietly became a haven for Muslims, the Swedes were asleep at the wheel.

    Will the too-liberal west ever wake up in time to see the mess that multiculturalism has caused?

    Or will it fall to Islam?

  2. The horse is already out of the barn, and the enemy is inside the gates. Really folks too little too late, by at least 20 years. The criminal Islamic immigrant has a massive foothold and they are breeding like rabbits, while on the dole. What a foolish and pathetic situation, the so-called ‘refugees’ are brought to Sweden out of the liberal notion of compassion. They refuse to assimilate, get jobs or an education and turn on the generosity of the host country rather than contribute to it. Even if all immigration is halted it will take years and a change of government administration to return to some form of normalcy.

  3. The Caliphate is reforming, the entire world is going to see all Moslem nations follow Iran down the extreme Sharia path and hopefully enough will vote to put sensible people with some guts in power.

  4. Hehe, nice mistake from Ã…kesson:
    “Where the muslims can go and beg”
    Jimmie is my idol but he should probably have a translator in cases like this.
    The arabs get translators for everyting all the time here in Sweden but that might not come as a surprise…

  5. What’s to stop the Imams from issuing a Fatwa ordering immigrant Muslims to be a little more Mecca (nice) for the next few years in order to keep the backlash down while their numbers grow? Don’t you think the nasty little Imams would cool it if some huge Egyptian or Arabian Imams told them to? Grasp how desperately our politicians would be falling all over themselves if the Muslims ever started being “reasonable”, and at the same time, there is now some real anti-Muslim violence starting to emerge which will allow them to call this a “conflict” rather than an attack. This isn’t me fantasizing, this is exactly what the Holy Quran says should be done at a time like this, when the Infidels are starting to look dangerous. Those big Swedes in the suits are definitely dangerous. Mohammed was a genius; do not underestimate the genius of his work. In Sweden, say, the only thing that really matters is that the Muslim numbers get up to a certain percentage. Any concessions they pretend to make along the way would be the cost of doing business. When the Muslim population hits the magic number, all that Mecca stuff will vanish. We are going to have to try very, very hard not to lose this; one arm tied behind the back is not going to do it.

  6. Chris that may happen in the near future, as I said the Caliphate is reforming and the new Caliph may order the Moslems in the US and Europe to set down and shut up for a while.

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