The New Normal In Canada: Politicians Attend Mosque That Condones Death To Apostates, Beating Your Wife

Blazing Cat Fur, once again doing the job that the professional media is afraid to do, refuses to do, feels its more important to synthesize the news to feel good about diversity than do.


Politicians will do anything for a vote, that isn’t news. However when our politicos attend events at institutions that openly preach hate then we have really crossed the point of no return. Any politican who lends legitimacy to Islamist hate mongers should be turfed from office.

Case in point: Masjid Ibrahim, which also operates as the Peel Islamic Cultural Centre in Brampton. On Feb 19 Masjid Ibrahim hosted the “Muslim Professional Networking Event“.The keynote speaker was none other than Munir El-Kassem, an Islamist who has openly praised the racist Louis Farrakhan and wrote this stunning apologia for the Taliban.  Sadly El-Kassem is just a distraction in this story.

The event lists as it’s attendee’s:

Liberal MP Andrew Kania
Liberal MPP Shafiq Qaadri
Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell
Bramption Councillor John Hutton
Regional Councillor Paul Palleschi
And Maybe… Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who is listed as an “anticipated guest” I have no confirmation on whether Rob Ford did or did not attend this event.

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5 Replies to “The New Normal In Canada: Politicians Attend Mosque That Condones Death To Apostates, Beating Your Wife”

  1. Turfed from office, to be sure, we must be discriminating in our choice of representatives in all levels of government. Municipal governments are a major source of future national leaders, so let’s find out their policies before we let them in.

    Rotterdam, Malmo, even Nazareth, Israel are all clear examples of muncipalities which have over a short time succumbed to Islamist governments.

    We as a society have lost the ability to recognize threats if they involve our neurosis about offending any individual or group. The image of dodo birds comes to mind.

    To turn up our belly to those who want to destroy our hard-won free society looks to me like collaboration with the enemy at best and high treason at worst.

  2. So whats new about feckless politicians prostituting themselves for a few extra votes totally ignoring the majority of their electorate?

  3. I took the time to read the entirety of the “about Islam” Q&A section of the Masjid Ibrahim site. The entire site peddles sharia in Canada. No politician of sound mind should enter their door for whatever reason.

  4. Grace my father always said that all politicians are by definition crooks, liars and horses asses, after that he got cynical about them. I think this proves his case.

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