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13 Replies to “Does anyone speak Arabic please?”

  1. It is definitely a live shot from Tahrir square in Cairo – it says this in arabic.

    As best I can tell, they are not saying jerusalem – perhaps ‘ palestin’ but my arabic is very poor.

  2. No VonStierlitz you aren’t wrong.

    Just had an email from my Egyptian friend, who said

    Quote: ” I can not make out what they are saying”

    Sorry Vlad

  3. http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2011/02/does-anyone-speak-arabic-please-from.html

    Avenging Apostate said…

    I can hardly make out “Allah al Karim”, but I’m still not sure. I hear Israel (or Isra-eel, as they say it in Arabic) but I would be lying if I could say anything for sure.

    I am working on translating the ticker text that people are texting in. I will post it here as a comment once I am done.

    I can tell you that the first one says: “Oh God, Victory of Nasreddin”. Nasreddin can mean “helper of the faith” or just a name. I am not really sure what the text means.

    Anyway, I am working on them all and will post the translation as best as I can and will also, in the meantime, ask an Egyptian friend of mine to help me with the translation.
    Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:32:00 PM
    Blogger Avenging Apostate said…

    Alright, don’t hold me to it but I have been listening to the chanting over and over and this is what it sounds like:

    “Al Mawt Al Israil–Wallah el Kerim” — “The Death of Israel–Allah is Holy”

    I might be completely off though.

  4. I posted this on the Geert Wilders PVV site and they have someone in the Australian admin that could help out.

    Geert Wilders – PVV ?[Spanish Admin] Our Australian Admin speaks arabic.

  5. The following is the translation my friend has sent me. He is Egyptian and understands the dialect better:

    Congratulations people of egypt

    My darling Palestine, your the inspiration to all for freedom

    this is the generation of the people

    long live the crescent with the cross

    we were waiting for arab unity, we now have an arab awakening

    we pray that this revival would be an islamic one

    yes to revolutions that shakes the corrupt

    Allah give victory to nations if they revolut for truth

    Now I finally understand the saying that Egypt is the mother of nations

    Martyrs but strong people

    stones will fall one by one ( I think it says stone, could be something like bad politicians)

    till when will there be injustice O rulers of the arabs

    The success in freeing egypt and tunisia is one step closer to freeing palestine

    Allah protect the gulf from every evil and protect its rulers

    congratulations on the historic victory people of egypt

    O people of egypt, refuse any help from outsiders (America) its just bait

    I love you my country

    the wind of freedom has crossed the arab nations

    Allah grant victory to the righteous and smite the wicked

  6. Pastorius

    My Egyptian friend wasn’t able to. !!!

    Maybe he can do me a favour then please

    This is an abominable video of a Hiz-but Tarih rally in Sydney
    Judging by its contents I’d say the guy speaking Arabic is likely to be just as inflammatory.

    It’s about the last 2/3


    You can post it here, or ask Vlad for my address..many thinks

  7. Thanks, probably no good as I just recieved a reply from my friend, who said

    “…dialect of lebanese, I dont understand. he mentions a lot of countries by name and says islam is present every where ”

    I wonder if Brigitte Gabriel will help?

    Might give it a try.

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