Woman in burqa goes amok with knife

BT.No: Without warning, the woman would have attacked a motorist and a pedestrian on the Minde in Bergen on Friday. The attack on Fabrikgate was reported to police at 14.01.

– We first received notification that it was a man in a black burqa who threw objects at cars, “says operations manager Ron Lentføhr in the Hordaland police district.

When police arrived, it turned out that the perpetrator was a woman, armed with iron rods and knives.

– She was arrested with a patrol dog and is mentally imbalanced, “said Lentføhr.

The woman in the full burka would have turned loose on a car with an iron rod. She also slashed up another woman with a knife.

The victim suffered cuts in the ear, and was transported to the emergency room in the city center. Burqa-woman being treated in the same place, before she might be put under arrest.


  1. It must be frustrating for a well read muslima who knows her koran to be on the sidelines so to speak of the religion of peace. Blogging on Islamnet after a while must grow a tad dull. Why not join the jihad! She is certainly not imbalanced. She is frustrated muslima trying to get into the action. However, since the whole affair of a burka clad women going to holy war against the infidel sounds a bit far fetched, she will be treated as imbalanced and given some sedation tablets and told to study the koran to get rid of this imbalanced radicalised islam she is into. I might add also this is another failedf jihad attempt. I am sure with the number of failed jihad attempts growing every year we are in a world of bad publicity whenever this type of failure happens. The net result of this failed jihad attempt for the public will be laughter and ridicule and a further understanding of the aggresssion of the muslims. She is product of the desert and acts like it. She is hardly a product of a modern secular state like Norway. Though Norway is not perfect (whale hunting) it a million times superior to any desert nation from Tunisa to Iran that I can think of.

  2. Maybe she suffered one too many beatings from the man of the household and rage took hold; you know ‘kicking the cat syndrome’. She knows defying her husband would likely result in a severe beating or even death so maybe it’s a kind of displacement rage, or getting arrested may be a deliberate attempt to get out of an abusive marriage. Not many avenues of escape for some of these poor women. All conjecture of course, and still no excuse for attacking innocent human beings.

  3. Certainly, conjecture is the thing we have to play with. However, the world of conjecture does have it parameters and those parameters as regards islam are well know to us all. The sudden jihad syndrome also come to mind. Getting on with her life and then suddenly a light goes on in her head and off she goes to do the bidding of Allah. She does her prayers first and ask Allah for success. Then does the deed. She fails and then starts to wonder will Allah forgive me for my failure. A million things go on in that mind. Arguing with her is futile. The real deal is the untainted view into that mind which is something we can only conjecture about within the paremeters which we know about from our study of islam and it adherents. What tensions the mind of a failed sudden jihad syndrome muslima must hold. Who but this muslima really knows what went on. All educated conjecture on our side of the fence.

  4. Many in the West still don’t get it- ALL muslims are dedicated Nutbars who are striving to dominate the nations that were foolish enough to let them in.

    The only way to deal with the Soulless Creatures is to kick them back to their diabolical Hellholes. There is no other way!

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