The curious case of the frozen windmills

Checkout Faustas blog for the latest Wind power fiasco. About how a whole wind farm froze and nary a Watt was produced for weeks. I hope the people who heat their homes from these windmills are Global Warming believers. Then at least they can take cold comfort from it.And as Fausta says, they freeze when they don’t blow up.

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4 Replies to “The curious case of the frozen windmills”

  1. Nice one. Maybe they’ll start exploding on a large scale and we will be rid of these useless and expensive pieces of junk. At least our environment will then be safer.

  2. The much touted ‘Green’ movement, IMHO their whole agenda is akin to the extreme left, who are desperately trying to extract what little wealth we have left with more schemes, taxes and so-0called environmental fees. If they are trying to impoverish us they are doing a good job. In a real world market forces determine which technology is cost effective and practical. Many a products and technologies are gone, they didn’t work out or pay off. The inflated egos of the green communists don’t get it you can’t legislate or dictate technology using scare tactics of doom and gloom. We the enlightened are not standing for it any longer.

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