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7 Replies to “Of Ireland, Sanctimony, artists and Che”

  1. In my travels I see the naive, manipulated fools wearing the ‘Che’ wear, as if they were hip or knowledgeable. This despicable dirtbags image has become a trendy symbol of rebellious youth.

  2. The left will do anything to keep people from finding out the truth about their “heroes and Idols”, they were all mass murders at the best and often sadistic mass murders. I have heard that when Che was mad he would to to the Cuban pens and start beating prisoners with a base ball bat.

  3. This ejit represents the Irish elite. Does he pay any taxes as an artist? Doubt it. I imagine that this fool will not be contributing to the payback of the IMF and EU bailout. Wonder if I copyrighted Cromwells image would I be showcased when I return it to his family and GB?

  4. It’s been said before many times. The Nuremberg Trials addressed some of the Nazi horrors. Where are the trials for Stalin, Mao, Che? Because these horrors (and so many more) were never addressed properly, today’s classrooms fail to dispell the and intentionally cloud the bloody reality of these so-called ‘heros’.

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