Frank Gaffney & David Horowitz Confront Suhail Khan on Sean Hannity’s Show

This has been an ongoing debate for a while about Khan, who holds a high position in various conservative organizations. I hadn’t posted any of the previous debates with him as frankly, they were not very good. This one is however.

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One Reply to “Frank Gaffney & David Horowitz Confront Suhail Khan on Sean Hannity’s Show”

  1. Klida (sp) is naive and Suhail is a liar, there is enough evidence to hang Suhail. The Moslems have infiltrated our government just as the communists did, David was raised in a communist family and learned as a child about the ways totalitarian movements try to infiltrate and destroy the free world.

    Suhail parses his sentences like Bill Clinton did, he is a lying, and he is a massive danger to the free world.

    You will also note the way Frank Gaffney is telling people to go to the information sources and make up their own mind, Suhail is saying that Frank is just trying to sell his book.

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