Thilo Sarrazin talk at LSE cancelled due to security concerns.

The article refers to him as the man who spoke of “The Jewish Gene”. An idea that has been written about and confirmed by several geneticists linking all Jewish people back to the land of Israel, however I somehow doubt the security fears he faced was from angry Jews given that he also said that Islamic immigration was lowering the overall IQ of Europe.

‘Jewish gene’ banker’s LSE talk cancelled

“Because of this combination of factors, the School’s senior management decided the event could not take place. LSE remains committed to the principle of free speech within the law.”
By Robyn Rosen, February 15, 2011

A lecture by a German banker who has referred to a “Jewish gene” due to be held at the London School of Economics last night was cancelled at the last minute due to security concerns.

Thilo Sarrazin was due to speak in a debate organised by the university’s German Society last night.
The university stepped in to stop the event taking place on campus after anti-fascist campaigners threatened to demonstrate against the speaker.

Mr Sarrazin, 65, was forced to step down from Deutsche Bundesbank after he said: “All Jews share a particular gene” in his book Germany Does Away with Itself last year.

The event was later held at a nearby hotel.

An LSE spokesman said: “We received information at a late stage that the event was likely to suffer severe disruption, beyond peaceful protest outside the venue.
“Reluctantly, LSE decided that it could no longer ensure that the event tonight would be able to proceed in an orderly fashion and that free speech could be ensured for all participants.

“In addition, the LSE Students’ Union advised yesterday that the event could seriously harm good campus relations if allowed to proceed (contrary to their previous position).

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  1. Quote: “In addition, the LSE Students’ Union advised yesterday that the event could seriously harm good campus relations if allowed to proceed (contrary to their previous position).

    Ofcourse it will. A dhimmi position – bowing to Islam, is good for harmonious relations. Yes it is. Who can argue against that, known that Muslims will be rioting, and the life of Sarrazin under threat.

    But then, there goes academic freedom, jumping out of the window.

  2. These studies have made a point about the way in which Jews have been treated over the past 2,000 years and more. The Romans, Christians and Muslims have all persecuted them for being who they are, not because of any inherent worthlessness.

    For centuries, the Jews have had to inter-marry to a greater extent than other populations since the outsider populations would have nothing to do with them. Its indoctrinated into countless people, and Muslims are at the forefront of this continuing madness only because the founder of their cult was once rightly spurned by Jews for being a brigand and thug.

    Telling the truth about antisemitism is not only politically incorrect, but telling the ugly truths about any ideology is also politically incorrect. Ask Geert Wilders or Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff about that one.

  3. RR you are right there, the Jews have been forced to become a small community, this has let them survive for 2,000 years. This survival more then anything else is what has pissed off the anti-Semites of all varietys. After the mass slaughter of Jews in WWII the anti-Semites in the west were forced undercover, now with the arise of the Moslems as the favored underdogs of the world it has become possible for them to return their vile attitudes to the light.

  4. The man who spoke of “The Jewish Gene” is in reality not quite the of the actually existing jewish gene. There also seems to be a gene marker indicating that persons who carry it, are members of the tribe which used to be priests when the jewish 2nd temple still existed. Specialised DNA-testing can find out, it’s amazing. I saw the advertisement on Ynet months before the debate broke out (no link, sry), think some belgian researchers found those markers. It’s a case of shooting the messenger, he was called an antisemite as part of the smearing campaign against him and even his wive, although what he quoted was true.

  5. As far as I am concerned it is the current persecution that matters, now who did it first or how long it was done. The current generations can’t be expected to feel guilt or pay damages for things that past generations did. I know those thoughts are not PC but they are part of the principles this nations was founded to protect.

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