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10 Replies to “EDL march April 2 in Blackburn”

  1. I detect a level of sophistication in the graphics that suggests to me at least, that there may be serious financing going on behind the scenes.

    As more and more people get fed up with the government’s whitewashing of the Muslim problem, the EDL and related organizations around the world will gather strength and rise up to defeat Islam on all fronts.

    Let this be a sombre warning to all governments that continue to turn the other way when jihadists attempt to destroy what the free world has built. They will not last long in power unless they quell every free voice from being heard. With tools such as the internet, that is a hard proposition indeed and may well ruin the very fabric of the societies that gave them power in the first place.

    As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Just as I will not be a slave, nor will I be a slave owner. That is my definition of democracy.”

    The EDL will not bow to Islam and will not bow to those who appease it.

  2. I think you are right RR, which means that either several members of the upper middle class are supporting them or one or more members of the upper class are supporting them. Either way combine this with Tommy thinking about turning the EDL into a political party and you will see many more possible connections.

  3. In keeping with the cross (of st. George?) on the shield, I think their motto should be
    In God we trust. I was curious about the “American Defense League.” I’ll have to research that.

  4. Did I catch a glimpse of the “Canadian Defence League” mid-way through the video? Is there such an organization?

    Yes. I saw it too. Also the American Defence League. There is also a French Defence League.

    It is beginning to appear a Crusade, that is a movement to protect Christendom.

    Not the the rapidity with which the CofE banned halal meat – just a couple of days after Cameron’s speech. No surprise though.

  5. What is immediately noticeable is that all EDLs have a shield with a cross. If it is Red on White, it is the shield of St George, as well as the flag of England, or some may call it the shield of the Knight Templars.

    Still, it is a shield, symbolising defence.

  6. In hoc signo vinces is a Latin rendering of the Greek phrase “?? ????? ????”, en toutoi nika, meaning “in this sign you will conquer”.


    On the Grand Standard of a Commandery of Knights Templar these words are inscribed over “a blood-red Passion Cross,” and they constitute in part the motto of the American branch of the Order. Their meaning, “By this sign thou shalt conquer,” is a substantial, but not literal, translation of the original Greek.


    So it is a Crusade but a defensive one, to protect Christendom from an invasion that has been fostered by the LibLeftists elite.

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