CBS Correspondent brutally attacked and raped by crowd in Egypt

Image: CBS Correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo

CBS Correspondent Lara Logan is pictured in Cairo’s Tahrir Square moments before she was assaulted in this photograph taken on Friday, Feb. 11.

The Associated Press
NEW YORK — CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was recovering in a U.S. hospital Tuesday from a sexual attack and beating she sustained while reporting on the tumultuous events in Cairo.

Logan was in the city’s Tahrir Square on Friday after Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stepped down when she, her team and their security “were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration,” CBS said in a statement Tuesday.

The network described a mob of more than 200 people “whipped into a frenzy.”

Separated from her crew in the crush of the violent pack, she suffered what CBS called “a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.” She was saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers, the network said. The Associated Press does not name victims of a sexual assault unless the victim agrees to it.

She reconnected with the CBS team and returned to the U.S. on Saturday.

The attack on Logan, CBS News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, is one of at least 140 others suffered by reporters covering the unrest in Egypt since Jan. 30, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. An Egyptian reporter died from gunshot wounds he received during the protests.

A week before Friday’s attack, Logan was detained by the Egyptian military for a day, along with two CBS cameramen. They returned to the U.S. after their release, and Logan went back to Cairo shortly before Mubarak left.

Logan joined CBS News in 2002. She regularly reports for the “CBS Evening News” as well as “60 Minutes,” where she has been a correspondent since 2006. She has reported widely from Iraq and Afghanistan, and other global trouble spots.

CBS said it had no further comment on Logan’s assault.

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  1. Attacks like this will become common as he Caliphate is reformed, if you aren’t a Moslem or dress like one you will be fair game.

  2. Been saying for ten years (Google DP111 + global civil war).

    Fjordman writes

    As poster DP111 says, this world war may very well be in the form of a global civil war, where you get a succession of civil wars instead of countries invading other countries. Multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass-immigration destroy the internal cohesion of the decadent West, which will slowly fall apart as it has lost the will to defend itself and the belief in its own culture. The wars in the Balkans in the 1990s will in hindsight be seen as a prelude to the Multicultural World War. Rather than a Westernization of the Balkans, we get a Balkanization of the West.

    or even earlier

  3. At November 15, 2005 1:58 AM, (DP111)PD111 said…

    fjordman posted: How do we identify Islam’s weak points, exploit them and try to regain our own strength? What is the future for Western civilization and Europe in particular in the 21st century?

    Mark Steyn seems to have a pretty gloomy view of that – demography is the key in his opinion. I tend to agree.

    Let us examine where we can attack islam.

    1. Theology and Philosophy in islam – Islam really sucks when it comes to theology and philosophy. There is nothing in it. As it is empty philosophically, there is nothing to attack. So that approach is pointless.

    2. Convert muslims away from islam – Works to an extent but is balanced out by converts to islam. Besides, we are giving no incentive for muslims to convert.

    3. Limit demographic growth – Short of doctoring the water supply, I see no solution.

    Islam’s greatest jihadis in this war are in my view, muslim women. They are the vanguard of the demographic war. They are also its Achilles heel. Muslim men and muslim leaders know this, and go to great lengths to protect muslim women from outside influences. Hence the “honour killings”. “Honour killings” are not about honour but about maintaining discipline in the ranks of the vanguard.

    How do we get to this vanguard and subvert it. Difficult. Only Western women have general access to them. I’m though loth to suggest this, as it puts both parties in danger. Besides, the demographic growth rate is too large for subversion to work, given the time.

    None of these really tackles the impending crisis when muslim populations reaches the so-called critical mass. Thus not many peaceful options left that can have an effect in the time that is left.

    V.S. Naipual thinks that our civilisation’s diffidence itself will be the reason why we will win. As an Indian by culture, he probably looks to Gandhi’s example. Gandhi’s diffident and non-confrontational approach worked with a civilised opponent such as Britain. I do not hold such views for this war and with this enemy. Naipaul’s thesis also rests on the fact that Western civilisation has conquered all before it and that islam will go the same way. This assumes that islam is in confrontation with us to conquer and destroy us. Not really, what they wish to do is to take us over and thus claim that Western civilisation was just a precursor to islamic civilisation. A similar fate happened to other civilisations, Persia comes to mind, that did not understand the nature of the conflict. One can see this takeover happening right before our eyes. No outright conflict, just a steady encroachment.

    Laurence Auster, Hugh Fitzgerald and others are slowly coming around to hard options. The question remains what sort of hard options? And the other question – if European leaders have the courage and determination to adopt such options.

    I’m strongly in favour of soft “hard options” such as separation. They are hard but mild in comparison to full scale war.

    Muslim nations, left to their own devices, unable to export their excess population, an ever deteriorating infrastructure, increasing poverty and diminishing military power, will have no alternative but to reform islam. And even if they do not, they will not be a menace to the safety and security of the rest of the world, for the simple reason that they will not have access to harvest infidel lives.

    Harsh as this is, it is the most humane way to progress. What frightens me is that we are moving towards a new world war that is quite unlike previous world wars. This world war will be a civil war i.e., a global civil war – the very worst type imaginable. It will leave no one untouched.

    Separation is always better then a messy divorce, specially for the children (or our grandchildren). Yet what we are heading towards is a messy divorce, i.e., a civil war, and the winner will take all.

    My immediate thoughts. Look forward to responses.

    This was written in 2005. The problem still remains.

  4. In all due respect, not that I want to see journalists beaten, spat on, kicked, sworn at, laughed at, humiliated, etc.. at least not every day.

  5. DP111 there are four possible ends to our current mess, the first is the long term low intensity warfare in all nations that will last decades. The second is the Israeli Sampson Option, the Moslem world attacks Israel and destroys her, Israel then uses their 200+ nuclear warheads that are on missiles in the subs they bought from Germany several years ago, this destroys Islam. The third is that someone European, Moslem American or other lays their hands on one or more hot bio weapons and uses them. Given the state of medical science in the Islamic world most of the dying would happen there. The fourth which is what I expect is a combination of two or more of the first three, but no matter what the end is the world will be plunged into a Dark Age that will last one or more centuries.

  6. She made two mistakes.

    One: she is a woman.

    Two: she went to a Muslim country as a westerner.

    So long as the ideology of Islam prevails in the Middle East, women like her will be targets of Muslim rage, impotence and disgust that she dare shows her face in public.

    Once we defeat the ideology, we can deprogram the masses who follow it. That will be a massive undertaking, requiring the skills of millions of people and generations to complete, if it can ever be complete.

    As to Fjordman’s suggestions of “soft hard” options, the die has already been cast, I’m afraid. Muslims do not see separation as an option, since their ideology demands a world without rivals to Islam. Its as hard-wired into their beliefs just as surely as Christians believe in their messiah or Vaishnavites believe in Vishnu.

    Until the ideology is completely reformed and abandons all ideas of world conquest, we have no choice but to be as hard on Islam as the terrorists are on us. They represent the full flowering of Islam’s core beliefs. Moderate Muslims are no help since they mostly sit by and watch as the world goes down in flames of jihad, probably waiting to see who wins.

    We have no choice, just as the Crusaders had no choice but to take the war to the enemy’s territories.

    The question remains: who started this war and who continues it?

  7. RRWest . . .it wasn’t solely her mistake . . .CBS also intentionally ignored previous history of this behavior before giving her that assignment. . .rather than risk undermining their continued Islam=RoP meme.

  8. The Moslems started it when they attacked the first tribe that wouldn’t convert, they have been the aggressors and the West the defenders for most of the war. Granted there were times when we attacked them, and we have managed to defeat them in every war we have fought with them since the development of gun powder. This is why they are using stealth jihad and letting the violence be committed by “non-Government” terrorists. Of course the Islamic governments all give money, weapons and training to the terrorists but they claim they are so we still call them non government.

    President Bush had the right idea when in 2001 he said if you aren’t with us you are against us, but his advisers talked him out of following through with that and the axis of evil removal. As is always the case delaying the way by appeasement must makes the war worse and kills more people. Fortunately the west is waking up and starting to fight back, not fast enough to prevent the coming civil war/s around the world but quickly enough to keep part of our culture intact.

  9. Attacks like this will become common as he Caliphate is reformed, if you aren’t a Moslem or dress like one you will be fair game.

    That’s what following the example of mahound, islam’s perfect model of conduct, is all about.

  10. Sometime clueless western women go to Palastine as peace activist and are raped by some muslim warlord type and then join some harem. Never to be heard of again. This is a secret of the Left. They would rather sacrifce their women for the cause. The MSM will never touch such stories.

  11. How will the western media react to this I wonder?
    The rational response would be to reconsider their position that this is some kind of peaceful revolution and start reporting the truth. I doubt we will see that.
    Instead female journalists will be instructed in their own need for ‘sensitivity’ and required to dress in semi-burkas, something I will imagine even the most belligerent feminist will comply with uncritically

  12. What we are seeing is the after effects of 9/11, which then led tour intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. To all Muslims, whether in Muslim countries or in the West, the occupation of an Islamic country by non-Muslims is a complete reversal of the order of nature deigned by allah. That led to the insults against returning troops in Luton, and the formation of the EDL. Fort Hood and Dix, and other incidents directly related to our interventions, led to the alarm in America.

    If Bush and Blair had not set the ball rolling, Muslims would have been quiet in the West, and we would have sleepwalked via Muslim demographic growth, to sharia in a peaceful manner.

    We needed to have continued on this approach. However America elected Obama. Despite that the die is set.

  13. DP111 you are right, we elected Obama (don’t blame me I didn’t vote for him) and set the rebuilding of the Caliphate into motion, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that his left wing mentors and friends were heavily involved in planning the current mess in the Middle East.

    Having said that barring a major disaster by the Republicans he will be out of office in January 2013 and the next President will start trying to clean up the mess. Things are going to be dangerous all around the world for years or decades but in the end I think freedom will survive.

  14. I enjoyed reading these comments. I do believe that the West will win this conflict, and for the more religious, Jesus will ofcourse be on the side of Christianity. It will be a grusome battle however, the likes of which we have never seen before, the likes of which many, many living in the West still cannot see, but eyes are slowly opening up. Even Nostrudamus stated that miracles will begin to happen towards the end of WW III and that the West will survive this and the world will be a better place for it.

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