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2 Replies to “Harvard Prof. trounces Obama for gross foreign policy failure”

  1. I don’t know if Obama knew this was coming but his far left friends were in Cairo last year helping plan something like this.

    I have to give the man credit for seeing the same future I am seeing, as far as I can tell sometime this year the Moslem Brotherhood will take power in Egypt and Jordan and will attack Israel, this will keep the Egyptians quiet and will force Saudi to come into line with the Brotherhood.

  2. When he talked about so many revolutions ending up in dictatorships he didn’t explain why this happens. Conservative revolutions like the US revolution are held to restore rights that have been taken from you, liberal revolutions, like the French, Russian, and Iranian ones (to name just a few) are to create new rights for the people. Thus they are ripe to takeover by people who are saying the government needs to be big and strong to ensure those rights. All of the revolutions were taken over by people who wanted to be the rulers after the Kings were kicked out, in Russia and Iran the dictators took over from democracies that were set up to take the place of the Kings. These facts of history are why I expect to see the current unrest end in dictatorships and a large scale war with Israel.

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