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20 Replies to “Street prayers spreading in Europe”

  1. corrected:

    The Italians are aware that many are criminals, thugs, thieves, and even Jihadis who were released, or got of prison.

  2. I have a though tthat Muslims or Muslim nations, deliberately foment trouble in their own countries so they can perform the Hijra, and use the troubles as a reason to get asylum.

  3. To DP111.

    Muslims do not in general want to ‘escape’, they are under orders from their deity to spread Islam by any means necessary and they will. Whatever ground they occupy in the name of Islam is under sharia law. I look at prayer in the streets by Muslims as a tactic demonstrating not piety, but dominance. Its a unique way of showing their contempt for the locals.

    All that aside, the photo is a hoot.

  4. This photo is of course a sham which will be unfortunately viewed as real by less sophisticated viewers. I am a Christian, and so I am so disappointed to find there are places such as this blog where hatred and glee are shamelessly wed. I personally do not confuse a religion with the actions of its adherents, as is the case with Christians who have taken over countries by rape and pillage, torture and murder in the past.

  5. The photo is a joke. Only someone so high on sanctimony that they feel the need to ‘expose’ this hoax photo would think others too stupid to figure it out on their own. However these videos from around Europe and Eurasia are not:


    You are less Christian than you are pompous leftist I suspect, full of superiority and judgment without much actual substance. Why do I dare say that? Because had you read any actual scripture from Islam or studied its history or even contemporary geopolitics you would know that opposing Islam is no more hate filled or bigoted than opposing Nazism or communism.

    As for “confusing a religion with the actions of its adherents” that is indeed the only way to judge a religion, by the ethics and principles it teaches and the consequent actions of its devoted followers. Proof of this is so plain that one has to spin fantastical yarns to try and get people to not see the obvious.

    Buddhism: An actual religion of peace nearly extinguishes itself because of its inability to use force to defend itself or its cultures. Witness Tibet, Afghanistan, and many other formerly Buddhist nations that have fallen to Communism or Islam because they are violent and believe in global supremacism and are ready to kill us all for it.

    Lastly your temporal relativism is to laugh. If what Christians did going against their scripture some centuries ago was a bad thing then how can you use it to excuse Islamic horrors today when worse, it is in perfect keeping with its scripture.

    I think its time you got off your high horse. The air up there is rather rarefied and I think it may be effecting your brain.

  6. Hi jjk999 Richard Seneca III RRWest Bailey Winslow

    I am a muslim but nbot the one about whom you think. I have read B, Geetha and Quran. For me every religion is honourable. I was in london 2 years ago working as a labour. In a home there was bible and images of Jesus (Peace be Upon Him). When house was being cleaned the owner tried to throw Bible and Pics of Jesus in the big Grabage House which every city has. But i stopped and did not allowed to throw bible. Why? Can you answer…..no……..But I can
    My religion Islam NEVER allows to dishonour anyone’s God or Holy book. For me Bible, Quran, Anajil all are same. For me christians, jews, muslims are same. I respect them all.
    About payers on street, did you ever wet to a mosque? Answer will be no….But i have gone to church also not to pray but to visit. And i respect the place. Islam never teaches us to hate some one. Due to shortage of place sometime we muslims had to offer prayer in 3 turns or on road.
    its not to show someone that we are domonent….for your kind information islam spread in malaysia and indonesia without war……… Also jihad starts when any other country muslim or non muslim, attacks a muslim country just to occupy due to lust as USA and NATO did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Then to save our religion and lives we have to fight back. Thats is Jihad. ISLAM NEVER allows any muslim country to attack any country just for lust of occupation
    So you better read about islam before commenting .
    At the end one thing more In LONDON i used to respect non msulim more than my own countrymen because my own countrymen were being greedy, and proud but non muslims always gave me respect and love. Specially Mr. Nick Brown and Donald Pavee a frnech artist living in london. So my message is “islam, judaism and christanity are same and have same message of love and honour. Its we who translate this message wrong by our own wrong doings.”

  7. Abs,

    It always pleases me to read the thoughts of a Muslim who does not fear the accusations of innovation, deviation and apostasy, but is willing to take that Koran and cut out the bad verses, to take a pair of scissors and just cut them out, take a match and burn them perhaps, those verses do not carry the message of love of this new kind of Islam you are inventing. Infamous verses like these:

    9:5 But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

    9:29 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    Good on you.

  8. Abs: “At the end one thing more In LONDON i used to respect non msulim more than my own countrymen because my own countrymen were being greedy, and proud but non muslims always gave me respect and love.”

    Why is that Abs, that your country being closer to Mohammad and His Will, has greedier and less humble people in it? Think about it. There just has to be a connection… could it be Bailey Winslow who speaks of offence, (like no other Christian I’ve heard of, those who take offences as personal character building in how they deal with them ‘seven times seventy times’ a day by turning the other cheek, a way to exercise their faith in the things not of this world), is actually a Muslim? Are these the spies that make openness and candidness in Islam impossible, These Adrian Chiles that evesdrop on private conversations and are offended on behalf of those not present? Golly, we have moved into your direction of intolerance in a short number of years, that even our quislings are feted the same as good and loyal servants.

    So, like us Freemen, use anonymity to sharpen your wit and understanding, For you will need it in the dark days of revenge to come. For you were set up, as we were, by the JB Priestly’s of this world, that George Orwell warned about as the Useful Idiots for Communism. For in Islam, anyone can enter their broad road of three repetitions and put on an act of piety. Bailey knows.

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