Speaking of infiltration of US orgs by Muslims seeking domination….

Here is a website with extensive evidence on ACU Board Member Suhail Khan’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood, as a case study.

Then we have this from Pajamas Media:

Suhail Khan is a member of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. ACU hosts and operates the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual conference, and during this week’s CPAC conference in Washington, Khan has come under fire for alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood. During a panel on conservative inclusion at CPAC on Saturday, Khan flatly declared that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. The Tatler has obtained video of Khan’s remarks, below.

The Muslim Brotherhood identifies many front groups in their own internal documents, documents which were entered into evidence by federal prosecutors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial. A simple Google search of “Muslim Brotherhood United States” also easily proves Khan’s assertion to be false. Numerous groups working in the United States, in various capacities, have been provably linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. To note but one prominent example, the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, has been identified by the FBI as a group connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas. Hamas itself is the Palestinian affiliate for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The video was shot and brought to PJTV by the Florida Security Council, floridasecuritycouncil.org, led by Tom Trento, J. Mark Campbell and Randy McDaniels.

And lastly, an excellent video from CPAC: David Horowitz on the Muslim Brotherhood

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Gates of Vienna has more on this here:

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6 Replies to “Speaking of infiltration of US orgs by Muslims seeking domination….”

  1. Read the Verona Intercepts, this will tell you about the extent of communist infiltration of the US government at the beginning of the Cold War. Even with the traitors telling the Soviets most of what we were doing we won, we can do it again if we will just stay the course.

  2. IMHO there is a rather large fifth column of Islamists in the US, couple that with the bleeding heart liberals, the apologists, and the Quislings of Islam in the MSM and our government, few realize the danger that we in the US and Canada are in.

  3. Isn’t Louis Farrakan’s group called the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Just asking.

    People are worried about Muslim fifth columns infiltrating NGOs and government organizations. They should also worry about Muslims taking over major industries by sheer numbers of workers, such as transportation for example. Should they decide en masse, to cripple those industries, the west would be hooped.

  4. RRWest that is the Nation of Islam.

    Big Frank this is just like the Cold War, we are heavily infiltrated and have traitors working against us, we can win but it will take a long time.

  5. Screwy Louie Fararkan’s so-called ‘Nation Of Islam” of black Muslims has a large membership in the prisons and jails in the US, and they are aggressive in their recruiting efforts.

  6. That they are, and if the Moslems win the ‘Nation of Islam” will be wiped out since it doesn’t follow the Koran very closely.

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