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3 Replies to “Robert Spencer explains the reasons behind Islamic Mosque triumphalism”

  1. The people behind this victory mosque are clearly and openly practicing takkiya. When cornered by those who know the truth behind mosque building, they practice kitman.

    These are two things that westerners need to understand when dealing with Muslims. Nothing they state can be trusted.

    Getting back to mosques.

    Inuvik, in Canada’s far north, has a new mosque for the 450 Muslims living there. This was purchased and built using OPEC money given by Saudi Arabia.

    Around 150 families in San Diego (I hope that I got the right city) are going to get a 25,000 square foot mosque built for them, also using OPEC/Saudi money. Thats the size of a small warehouse. What do you suppose will be hidden within its walls some day? Christmas presents? Hardly.

    For each mosque built around the world, you can bet that Muslims will claim the land underneath them for Islam and they will institute sharia law inside, purposely ignoring local laws.

    How much do you want to bet that people attending the 9/11 mosque will accept local, state and federal laws within their building? Or even outside it?

    One historical anecdote will illustrate what mosques really are about.

    During the Second Anglo-Sikh war in the mid 19th century, one mosque was holding thousands of pounds of explosives within it. The British blew it up, creating one of the largest pre-atomic man-made explosions on record. While the British prevailed, the Muslims who allowed the explosives to be stored in their mosque probably had no qualms about using their alleged holy building for what is now called terrorist activity, in order to spread Islam.

    The Turkish PM once declared quite openly that “minarets are the bayonets of Islam”. He is quite right.

    Support the west, ban all mosques. They represent conquered land in the name of Islam.

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