Melanie Phillips: Everyone’s a neo-con now

From Melanie Phillips web site. Click here for the whole article please. I have republished about half of it here.

The reaction in Britain and America to the turmoil in Egypt has produced a number of astounding revelations.

The first is that everyone in the bien-pensant world is now apparently a neo-con. You really do have to rub your eyes at this very hard.

For the past seven years, western progressives have screamed without remission that George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Uncle Tom Neo-Con and all were criminally out to lunch to pretend that democracy could ever come to Iraq through ousting a dictator.

The neo-con article of faith, that the Arab or Islamic world could or should embrace democracy and human rights, was held up as an example of cultural imperialism, racist bigotry or insanity or all three.

Yet when the Egyptian protesters called for regime change and free elections, those very same Bush-whackers excitedly hailed this brave new dawn of Islamic freedom.

They further declared that America had been criminally obtuse in propping up the dictator Hosni Mubarak rather than promoting regime change and helping install democracy on the banks of the Nile.

What’s the difference? Saddam Hussein was an enemy of the west; Hosni Mubarak is an ally. So progressives claim that getting rid of the former was a crime against humanity, while not getting rid of the latter was a crime against humanity. Got that?

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  1. I wrote a comment somewhere admitting that, as a neocon, I, along with George W Bush and the neocons had been wrong in thinking that everybody in the world basically yearned for democracy. Then, wouldn’t you know it, a leftist starts attacking me, saying that the neocons were right all along and it was only the incredible stupidity of Mr. Bush that kept them from pulling it off. The leftists are now ecstatic about the idea of anti-American Islamist governments coming to power in democratic elections as Hamas did in Gaza – the irony delights them. Leftist ideology is the ideology of treason. Whatever makes us lose becomes the truth for them.

  2. Chris the left is so arrogant they think they can do things no one else can do, make socialist work when it has failed every time it has been tried, bring democracy to a nation with no history of any type of democracy etc. and it is an article of faith that anyone who disagrees with them is stupid. You can’t win with them, they keep changing the rules.

  3. @ Person

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    Now i am going to eat my old cheese and raw meats and act like a disgusting human being.

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