Shred the Koran year.

Frankly, I’m torn on this one. Ok not really, I just thought that would make a decent pun. First watch the video, then I would really like to see a discussion on this idea. I think its interesting and deserving of debate.

I believe that everyone should read the Koran for the exact same reason I think everyone should have read Mein Kampf back when it mattered and someone could have done something about Hitler before fifty million people died over the ideas he implemented in that book. However I also think that burning and shredding Mein Kampf is a perfectly reasonable non-violent form of protest and had we done it near German embassies and cultural centres so much the better or perhaps more accurately, Nazi embassies and cultural centres had their been any. It might have drawn more attention to what was in the book and more people might have fought against it when it could have done some good.

In this case with the Koran, as with the little Austrian, an Oz. of prevention was worth fifty million X 170 Lbs of cure.

Sadly, many nations have managed to make protest of tyranny and genocidal hatred illegal as a hate crime as if pointing out and showing contempt for hate is the same thing as spreading hatred itself. However I think we should do it anyway. Because in this case the spirit of the law, and not wacky far leftist interpretations of it must be what is obeyed. If we let them win at the level of not being allowed to shred or burn or otherwise mistreat a book because the enemy holds that book sacred, then what chance do we have to win the preservation of our freedoms and indeed, win back the freedoms already lost.

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  1. Tbis is a pretty good psyops idea, in the US the worst you could get charged with it littering, over in Europe you will be risking much more.

  2. Gotta love those exiled persian’s furor, they certainly use a much more clear, aggressive language than I would, or most other western bloggers do. And unlike most of my fellow citizens, they take to the streets, protesting pro democracy here and in Iran, simply because they admire our free societies so much and are concerned about its future.
    Only a minority of the muzzies around here go to our local mosques (hope it stays that way), even quite orthodox mothers don’t want their kids to go there.
    Maybe those are the places where to accidentally lose some of those ripped apart pages, maybe mosque-affiliated islamic supremacist organization’s offices are better, just to check out the public reaction. The year is long and that sounds fun.

  3. Hi Vlad,

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