Robert Spencer on the example of the founder of Islam, Mohamed.

Sorry, I refuse to call him a prophet no matter if every single last person on earth believes he is. a hundred years ago, 100% of British doctors thought the way to treat schizophrenia was with a good long enema. I must warn you though this this video is an hour and a half long. Spencer does his usual excellent job of explaining the mentality of Islam and the obligation Muslims have to fight the infidel to subjugate us to sharia law and Islamic rule, but don’t start it unless you have some time.

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4 Replies to “Robert Spencer on the example of the founder of Islam, Mohamed.”

  1. Aside from this excellent report, read, don’t burn the Quran. It’s always best to know one’s enemies. While your at check out the Muslim Brotherhoods’ manifesto, it’s a real eye opener. Nothing like the apologist lapdogs in the MSM and the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ would have you believe.

  2. No real Muslim leader will ever debate Robert Spencer or any other anti-Islamic scholar in public.

    They always send in the lackeys and this opponent of Robert’s is no exception.

    By “real Muslim leader” I mean the leaders of the OIC, the world’s number one Islamist organization and the one organization that needs to be taken out. The OIC is, however, funded in large part by the drivers of the world through OPEC.

    But as usual, people will not trade security of the person over the convenience of driving using Muslim gas.

    Too bad the world needs that gas to keep going.

    Too bad the MSM is ignoring Islam and its agenda, not at all hidden now, to lambaste Robert, Geert Wilders, Elizabeth Sabadisch-Wolf and others for speaking the truth.

    May the west prevail.

    Support the EDL and those who oppose Islamic tyranny.

  3. The Moslem debater must think we are so stupid we can’t tie our own shoes, he lies, changes the subject and uses fast talk trying to confuse us.

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