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2 Replies to “The most important place to Islam after Mecca and Medina is the USA”

  1. Evidently this ‘faithful’ follower off the prophet knows little of the American mindset. Yes we are very tolerant, perhaps too tolerant in many cases. However there is a tipping point when reached even this pompous blowhard will be shocked.

  2. The current administration in the White House is seriously considering opening a dialogue with “religious” groups in Egypt to form a coalition government.

    The current administration in the White House has a publicized timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, two hostile war zones where the major players are enemies of the US.

    The current administration in the White House repeatedly makes concessions and regularly appeases Muslim countries that violate basic human rights.

    Does this seem like a pattern to you?

    I thought it would.

    Takiyya and kitman are not merely tactics that Islam’s followers can use in daily life, they can use it on the world stage and no-one would be the wiser…

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