Leftists and Muslims disrupt talk by Muslim Beduin at university…

here is the description from the original site. Watch the video there:

Here’s a video that gives a glimpse into the intimidatory, cowardly, fascistic behaviour of anti-Israel elements at Edinburgh University on 2 February, when a coven of flag-waving protesters screaming anti-Israel slogans disrupted a talk there by Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi (who happens to be a Muslim and a Bedouin) – he’d been invited to the university by Jewish students, but found it impossible to carry on with his talk owing to these thugs.

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5 Replies to “Leftists and Muslims disrupt talk by Muslim Beduin at university…”

  1. Inspired, I agree with you. I’m a Scots-Canadian and this makes my blood curdle. Never thought I’d hear a Scot shouting down freedom of speech — what happened to “Scots wha hae …” and all that? It seems that this bunch would prefer “chains and slavery.”

  2. I like to call the left neo-feudlists, they want a new feudal society with themselves and the Nobles and Royals, but on the free speech issue they are afraid of it, they know that if the opponents are allowed to get their message out the left will never win another election.

  3. “neo-Feudalist”

    That isn’t bad. They wouldn’t even know what a feudalist is if you asked them.
    Those that do know would hate it because it is a very good description of what the left wants society to be.

  4. Feel free to use it anytime you want, in fact the more often the better since it is make them mad, and hopefully educate some people.

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