Canada Free Press: Obama linked to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

By Jim Kouri  Sunday, February 6, 2011 Canada Free Press:

While the news media continue its Egyptian-uprising coverage, most of the denizens of U.S. newsrooms are turning a blind eye to President Barack Obama’s connection to a key player in the Egyptian rebellion: the radical Islamic group known as the Muslim Brotherhood which co-sponsored last year’s disasterous “Gaza Aid Flotilla.”

While the world condemned the actions of the Israeli military, calls for an international body to investigate the Gaza flotilla raid by Israeli forces—in which nine “peace activists” were killed—were clouded by political posturing and vitriolic soundbites, according to some U.S. counterterrorism experts.

Even President Obama proposed an independent inquiry into the incident that triggered worldwide condemnation of Israel especially by members of the elite news media, but his proposal was quickly dropped as information came to light that certain individuals close to him and the Democrat Party were involved in the bloody incident.

Israel maintained a blockade around Gaza for quite sometime with the hope to preventing weapons such as missiles and rockets from being smuggled to the Palestinian terrorists. It was decided by a number of Islamists and radicals to take actions that would ultimately end the blockade.

The organizer of the blockade-busting action was a known radical group called Free Gaza. The “Free Gaza” flotilla was far more than a collection of innocent “peace activists” trying to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, as they were portrayed by most news organizations.

Free Gaza sponsored the flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli special forces troops and among its members were Weather Underground founders William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn—who perpetrated a series of terrorist attacks—as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink. Besides the U.S. radicals, Islamic groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood contributed to the flotilla.

As is well-known in the United States, Ayers and Dohrn were close associates of President Obama for years in Chicago. Meanwhile, Jodie Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign. In fact, one of Obama’s fundraisers was held in the home of Ayers and Dohrn.

Evans later worked on Attorney General Jerry Brown’s successful run for the governorship of California.

“Ayers’ and Dohrn’s continued activities appear to elude the attention of the people responsible for reporting the news without bias. They are terrorists, plain and simple, so why would anyone be surprised to discover their connection to an anti-Semitic organization that supports terror groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brother and even al-Qaeda?” asks former New York Police detective Michael Snopes.

The passengers reportedly included 100-plus members of various Muslim Brotherhood chapters, at least 20 of whom taped al Qaeda-style “martyr” videos before embarking on their anti-Israel mission, according to terrorist expert Steve Emerson, founder of The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

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7 Replies to “Canada Free Press: Obama linked to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. I believe that Obama’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood may go deeper than what is described in the article.

    The question that needs to be asked is: what kind of Islamic education did he receive while living in Indonesia?

    What kind of school was it? Who founded it and more importantly, what kind of propaganda was he exposed to?

    I will maintain that the man is a closet Muslim practicing takiyya/kitman on an unsuspecting world.

    Just my opinion…

    May the west prevail.

  2. RRWest his ties to the far left and to the Moslem Brotherhood are much greater then the ones reported in the article. My opinion of him is that while he is more Moslem then Christian he is more Marxist then Moslem.

  3. Oh yes he is his fathers son, the dragon seed of a polygamous Kenyan Marxist Muslim and a Gramscian whore.

    Keep on linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood, because he is one them and he will continue to do everything he can possibly do to destroy America and Israel, as he will do everything he can to enable the Muslims and to wreck havoc to our civilization.

    He must be stopped!

  4. sheik yer’mami he will be stopped, but that stopping may be at the ballot box next election, we are heading into a major disaster with massive death from combat and terrorism all round the world. All I can do is remain true to my faith and pray that freedom and the US survive.

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