Shotton Lane Mosque burnt to ground

This article from “The British Resistance”. Things in England appear to be going very predictibly. When the very state itself supports enemies of its people, it’s people sooner or later may act in their own defence as they see it.


From The British Resistance:

Written by Green Arrow

shotton-lane_120_x_120So the moslem’s dream of having a nice new mosque in Shotton Lane, Deeside is now nothing more than a pile of ashes and I mean that in a literal sense.  Either by an act of god, at the hands of men or a combination of both, it has burnt to the ground.  Well as the moslems would say.  “It is the will of Allah.  May all his children please him“.

If the place was torched by a person who did not wish to see their area colonised and upset at the remarks of Monchab Ali, the chairman of the Flintshire Muslim Cultral Society who said before his sand castle got washed away in a sea of flames:

“We all have a role to play in the community to work together. We are aiming to build an Islamic cultural centre, which will be open to everyone for people to learn about Islam.

“The idea is to promote community cohesion and we would invite schoolchildren to see the centre and get a better understanding of the Islamic faith and community.”

then he is a very naughty boy.  Write out 100 times “I must make the moslem colonisers welcome and must not burn down their mosques“.

Joking aside, it was a dangerous act and as the local MP said:

“It is an absolutely terrible thing to happen. People could have been killed.

“This fire put many lives at risk and appears to have been started deliberately.

“We now have a blackened wreck in the centre of Deeside.”

Then again I must be honest.  I would prefer to live next to a blackened wreck than a mosque and I suspect most of the residents feel  the same way in their hearts.

Some Dhimmi cow councillor by the name of Helen Brown said that feelings were running high and people were fearing repercussions (presumably from the moslems).

Well I have news for you Helen, by the time this rotten business is sorted out, it will be more than just a mosque burning down, it will be entire towns and cities and when it starts the British People will have none to blame but themselves for continually voting for governments that are determined to wipe them out as a race.

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9 Replies to “Shotton Lane Mosque burnt to ground”

  1. This was predictable, and given what is happening around the world more and worse is to come, I wonder which side the British Army and Marines will come down on?

  2. Richard

    The army has been in Iraq and Afghanistan. The boys know which side they should be on.

    The question is, which side will they be ordered to protect, and which side to attack.

  3. DP111

    Based on my conversations with the men and women who have served in Afghanistan I know exactly what side they will be on no matter what they are told.

    If you know any, ask them about how dogs are used by the local men. That’s just for openers.

  4. Thank you Eeyore, you answered by question, they will protect their fellow Brits and ignore the orders. Now I know England/Britain will survive.

  5. Thanks Eeyore.

    Thats true. But our army is very disciplined. Not obeying an order is the equivalent of disobedience to the Crown, and hence the Queen.

    I hope you are right.

  6. EEyore

    There may be some who woill disobey and some who will obey orders. This leads to civil war.

    This what I’ve been writing for over ten years. Civil war in Europe, which may then lead to a world war.

    Many years ago on LGF, when it was the only site opposing Islamisation, a German poster sent a word of advice to Muslims. Paraphrasing, his words were to the effect, ” Look Muslims, tak
    e it from Germans who know- you dont want to wake up the Brits – trust me” .

  7. DP111 another world war withing a decade or less (probably less) is almost a certainty, and civil war in some of the European nations is another one, the question is which side will win the wars? Yes the British Army siding against the government is going against the Queen, but once this starts the Royal Family will have to decide who they are going to support, the people fighting for traditional British values or the invaders? Situations like this are never simple and are usually solved by spilling massive amounts of blood. I wish I could see a simple, peaceful and clean solution to the current mess, I can’t no matter how hard I look.

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