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9 Replies to “Interesting documentary on the EDL”

  1. Thanks for the video. I follow the events around ‘Tommy’ ever more closely and wish him Godspeed, as I wish for all Brits.

  2. If the extremists are such a small minority, why don’t you ever hear one even admit there is a problem? Why don’t you hear one say, “I understand how you feel, I’d be concerned if the shoe was on the other foot”. But you don’t, do you? They always present themselves as innocent as lambs being persecuted for no reason other than racism. They all more or less take the same line, which makes me suspect they are all in on it. All of them!

  3. I wish Tommy and the EDL a safe demonstration tomorrow. He is showing courage and steadfastness under extreme pressure, from both the media and Islamists. He still maintains his cool, though. I haven’t seen any sign of him showing anger or exasperation. Good luck tomorrow.

  4. Here’s wishing for a strong show of force by the various chapters of the EDL tomorrow. Only that will show the followers of the “Religion of Peace” that we are all fed up with their obvious BS, and to take their sharia nonsense back to their 3rd world countries.

  5. Alienated I hate to say it but a show of force won’t convince the Moslems of anything, if you aren’t physically stepping on them they think you are afraid to physically step on them. I don’t want violence but expect to see a lot of it this summer.

  6. I am sure the effect of this demo will be an affront to the the muslims. This show of force by the ordianary working class people of the UK is indeed new. As you all know there have been smaller demos all over the country before but this is the big one. The violence against muslims as evidenced by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan does embolden them to jihad but this is different. No media giving the religon of peace line. No president of the US or any other leader giving the ROP line. No imam giving the ROP line or the BBC with there numerous documentaries showing how wonderful muslims and islam are. NO this is the working class of Britain on the streets of the UK. I believe it will certainly be a massive psychological blow to the muslims of luton. An interesting noteabout the muslims of Luton. They have recently been swamped in the areas they live in by people from Poland. Shops are selling polish goods all over the place. So I guess the working class of Eastern Europe and of England have put a damper on their arab slavery fantasies for everyone and not just for their own inbred arab slave selves.

  7. Richard, you might misunderstand what I mean by “Show of Force.”

    There is no violence involved in such a display – it merely conveys to the Muslims that enough people are there who can not be intimidated by violent thugs who show up in small roving gangs and physically hassle or abuse ‘infidels.’

    This seems to be the modus operandi of these thugs, BTW, as they display their ‘bravery’ openly when they outnumber the victims, usually jews, elderly whites, and western women. When they confront a more numerous adversary, they seem to shut up rather quickly.

  8. Alienated on the contrary I know exactly what you mean by a show of force, but you have to realize that the Moslems don’t think the same way we do, to them a show of force that doesn’t involve violence means you are afraid of them. I realize that it is politically impossible for violence to be used but anything besides violence simply makes the Moslems think you are afraid to fight them.

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