EDL founder claims he is target of Islamist death threat

The Guardian:

Stephen Lennon says police have urged him to leave his home before English Defence League’s anti-Islamist protest in LutonStephen Lennon English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PAThe founder of the English Defence League claims he has been warned that his life is in danger if he leads a protest in Luton.

Stephen Lennon, 28, said senior police officers were urging him to leave his home town ahead of the anticipated arrival of thousands of EDL supporters.

The militant anti-Islamist campaigner said he was under police protection. He claimed Bedfordshire police had issued him with an “Osman warning”, which are given by the police to advise individuals that they are at serious risk of being killed by someone who appears to have the capability to make good their threat.

Lennon, who routinely wears a bulletproof vest, said the warning followed a text message threatening to kill his children.

He said a written warning given to him by police states the Islamic community are “agitated” by tomorrow’s EDL demonstration.

The message added: “There is a threat to the life of leader Stephen Lennon. This is likely to be aggravated by the visit to Luton. You would be advised it would more appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future.”

Bedfordshire police, which has been preparing for the demonstration for weeks, declined to comment on Lennon’s claim.

It is understood that an unarmed police officer has been stationed outside Lennon’s home.

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  1. “an unarmed police officer has been stationed outside Lennon’s home.”

    Way to go britain.As we all know, Jihadis NEVER kill police. And they will be especially afraid of an unarmed one.

    There are 4 police cars protecting the triumphalist mosque near ground zero but only one unarmed policeman guarding someone who’s actually under threat?

    I’m beginning to understand the norman conquests a bit better.

  2. jjk999 I don’t remember that portion of history very well but do know that the Saxons were split and weakened by having just fought Vikings in the North East of England.

    Having said that,1 unarmed policeman! Why bother to put the sacrificial lamb out front? That is what he is, a sacrifice to sooth the conscious of the politicians, they can now say they tried.

    I hope Tommy lives through this mess but am afraid that he will be a martyr to the cause of freedom.

  3. Yeah DP111 it will, I don’t think the Moslems realize what they bringing down on their heads. They are about to discover how little Britain managed to control half the world.

  4. Thank you Richard. My comment about the norman conquests was snotty and trite considering what is happening but your answer about the Normans being split after fighting the Vikings was extremeley apt.

    The splitting of potential adversaries is an important factor in what’s happening. The Islamists have worked hard to split potential adversaries in America, Britain and Europe in many ways. They have worked hard to split the muslim population from the non muslim, the right from the left and have even worked to intentionally create splits within both the left and the right within various countries.

  5. The Moslems are doing just that, and the one in the White House is doing his best to split the US off from Britain and Israel, with the latest wikileaks cable out about Obama selling British nuclear secrets to Russia for a treaty with Russia I don’t know what it will take to restore the Special Relationship we use to enjoy, I do know it will take more then a different President.

  6. Shizzle! I haddn’t thought of the wikileaks revelations in that light! I had thought that Obama was giving the Israelies the cold shoulder only as part of a larger strategy of making America less hated in the muslim world (which does not yet appear to have born fruit).

    This just underscores that Tommy Robinson, by specifcally trying to unite people of all religions and races under this cause, is truelly brilliant. I suspect that’s one of the real reasons the islamists and radical leftists hate the EDL.

    There is much more to say about the islamist strategy of splitting of political opposition in western countries but its off topic. Someone more articulate and politically savey then I am should write an easy to understand essay or produce a video with graphics about that.

    Or better then that engage in political action with the purpose of splitting the left wingers and librals away from the Islamists.

  7. jjk999 when thinking about Obama’s actions always remember how he was raised, during his early year he was educated as a Moslem but that ended because his stepfather was a capitalist. He was they shipped to Hawaii to his Grandparents who were committed Marxists and his mentor was the Communist (card carrying member of the CPUSA) Frank Marshal Davis. When he was in collage he spend all his time with Marxist students and professors, then when he moved to Chicago he moved into the neighborhood where he was around Bill Ayres (sp) and Bernadette Dorn. He started going to that radical Black Liberation Church that Reverend Wright preaches at, and went there for 20 years. Wright use to be a Black Moslem and this may be why Obama went there, it was the closest to a Mosque he could find that would still let him claim to be Christian.

    With an upbringing and history like that can you realistically expect him to do anything that would help the US, Western Europe and Israel?

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