Story ImageEurocrat Cathy Ashton faced outrage last night

Thursday February 3,2011

By Macer Hall, Political Editor

TOP Eurocrat Cathy Ashton faced outrage last night after the EU failed to condemn attacks on Christians in the Islamic world.

Diplomats accused the baroness, who is EU foreign affairs supremo and the world’s most highly-paid female politician, of seeking to appease Muslims by wiping out any reference to the Christian faith in statements.

One Christian pressure group even urged the Labour peer to resign over the shambles.

The row erupted yesterday when a meeting of EU foreign ministers, chaired by Baroness Ashton, broke up in acrimony after failing to agree a statement about religious persecution in Egypt and Iraq.

Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini savaged Lady Ashton over the debacle, saying: “This position is an excess of secularism, which is damaging the credibility of Europe.

“The final text didn’t include any mention of Christians, as if we were talking of something else, so I asked for the text to be withdrawn.” Mr Frattini had demanded a response from the EU after a New Year suicide bombing at a Coptic church in Egypt in which 23 people died.

That bombing followed attacks on Christians in Baghdad, which led the Vatican to warn of growing persecution that could trigger a Christian exodus from the Middle East.

One diplomat said: “Those who thought the creation of a high representative would lead to a more unified and coherent EU foreign policy have been very disappointed with Ashton.

“She cannot even finesse a statement from Christian Europe condemning attacks on Christians.”

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  1. Multi-culteralism has a new incarnation. The Islamic appeaser incarnation and it is the one we see here and the one most visible in our present rather confused age. Now look I may be a peadophile prophet but nobody can accuse me of being confused. I know what I want and know how to get it. Multi culteral muslim appeasement ideology whatever next!

  2. Islam is a closed logical structure that automatically purges itself of
    any deviant elements. Much of its energy goes into maintaining a
    social immune system that surrounds and destroys anything it considers a pathogen —that is, any individual who evidences a failed replication of the ideological DNA of Islam.

    That’s why there are so few moderate Muslims: the culture they were born into does not allow “moderate Islam” to exist. Anyone with such inclinations is either killed, driven out, or remains silent.

    It’s a very ingenious system. I feel compelled to admire its effectiveness,
    in the same way I might admire the ruthless lethality of a particularly deadly spider. The Baron from Gates of Vienna

    Notice how mult-culteralism in its modern muslim appeaser incarnation also purges itself of the central tenet of its existence namely the similarity of all cultures in terms of respect. That respect is now for muslims only. The Christains and the rest of the crew under the multiculteral umbrella can go to hell. This multicultural umbrella is for muslims only.

  3. The Express is normally more robust. Their emblem is a crusader knight with a sword with the motto crusading for a fairer Britain. The muslims of the peaodophile prophet have not called them to task over that motto as of yet. So when they do and are succesful the end is nigh. But I am ever the optimist and will not think in such a dead negative way. Hey I may be a peadophile prophet but I am a positive thinker. I am especially postive when I dress in Aisha’s clothes. You have to be a postive thinker if being a peadophile mass murdering cross dressing illiterate is no bar to being worshipped by millions. I know it goes against the grain but postive thinking made it all happen. Now even a cartoon and they Mo’s slaves go nuts over it! Ever the positve thinker I did rather like that cartoon.

  4. She looks like she could do with a burka. A burka worker for Mo in the EU whatever next! She will soon be president of the burka worker’s association and then we will be cooked. A long time to go before that happens. She is an spark of a much greater future fire that needs quenching now.

  5. The secular left would love to see all of the religious people of the world killed, for this reason they won’t protest the murder of Christians.

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